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10 best air purifiers for mold with washable filters.

Find here the 10 best air purifiers for mold with washable filters.

Comparison table for the best air purifier for mold with washable filter.





  • It has reusable filters.

  • filter lasts for years.

  • It turns off indicator lights so it can be used in the bedroom comfortably.

  • Easy set up

  • Regulate through a smart phone.

  • Works very well.

  • Adjustable air vents.

  • Good for allergies

KODAK Infinio AP550

  • It has reusable filters. No filter to worry about.

  • Easy to use.

  • Easy to clean.

  • It is quiet.

Airdog X3 Air Purifiers

1. reusable filters so you save on filters.

2. very good for people with allergies

3. It works very well.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers

  • True HEPA filtration

  • Washable pre-filters

  • Easy to use.

  • Very quiet on low setting.

  • Works to reduce allergens

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

  • Washable pre-filters. 

  • Easy to set up and use.

  • Quiet on a low setting.

  • It takes little space and is easy to move around.

  • Good price.

  • Works very well.

  • Easy to clean

VEVA Air Purifier Large Room.

  • Slim compact design

  • It is quiet in operation.

  • Good price

  • Good washable pre-filter.

Okaysou Smart Air Purifier

  •  it has washable pre-filters

  • Easy to set up and use.

  • It's easy to set up.

  • Quiet when in operation on low setting.

  • Lightweight.

  • five-year warranty.

Purivortex Air Purifier.

  • it has washable pre-filters. 

  • Good auto function means very good sensors.

  • Quiet on a low setting.

  • Good price.

  • Simple to use

Hejiko Air Purifier.

  • it has washable pre-filters. 

  • small and compact.

  • It's easy to place in any room.

  • Works well.

  • It is quiet.

  • good price.

Zen Lyfe Air Purifier.

  • it has washable pre-filters. 

  • Quiet operation

  • Easy to set up.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Works well.

  • Good price.

  • Lightweight

Using an air purifier that has a washable air filter saves time and money. Washable filters last a lot longer than replaceable filters before they wear out or break. The lifetime cost of a washable air filter is often less than that of a replaceable one. Even more preferable are air purifiers with permanent filters.

It should be sufficient to wash it once a month or in accordance with the recommendations supplied by the manufacturer. The lifespan of the washable filter varies depending on the type, but in every instance, it has a longer expected lifespan than the corresponding replaceable (disposable) filter would have.

As for mold, mold spores may be floating in the air anywhere in your home. Air purifiers can assist in removing them from the air in your home. Even while air purifiers are not efficient at removing mold that has already colonized a surface, they may be able to significantly decrease the amount of mold spores that are floating in the air.

If you use the right air purifier in conjunction with other, more convectional surface treatments, you may be able to help contain a mold issue and prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas of your home.

In my search for the best air purifier for mold with washable filters, I discovered that most of these air purifiers have washable pre-filters. That is the first filter in the stages of filtration. What this filter does is filter big objects like pet hair, dander, etc., and the next stages of filtration do the finer filtering like mold spores, toxic fumes, odors, etc., so only the pre-filter is washable. The other filters, after the pre-filters, are replaceable within a period of 6–8 months depending on usage.

So in these best air purifiers for mold with washable filters reviews, there are purifiers with washable pre-filters and those with washable and reusable filters. The air purifiers with washable and reusable filters are obviously more expensive because of the savings on long-lasting filters.

Now lets review the best air purifiers with washable filter.

NUWAVE OxyPure ZERO Smart Air Purifier, ZERO Waste & ZERO Filter Replacements, Large Area up to 2,002 Sq. Ft. Adjusts 6 Fan Speeds for Optimal Purification, Washable & Reusable Filters.


OxyPure Zero improves air quality in a 2,000-square-foot room. Poor air quality at home or work may cause tiredness, headaches, congestion, coughing, and sneezing. Even if the air seems clean, you may be breathing dangerous air.

It comes with state-of-the-art dual 4-stage filtration system

  1. 2 reusable Stainless Steel Pre-Filters,
  2. 2 high-tech Bio-Guard Filters,
  3. 2 Ozone Emissions Removal Filters, and
  4. a Bio-Guard 360 Filter.

Built-in smart technology monitors air quality and adjusts fan speeds for best purification. Turbo mode cleans quickly for up to 2 hours. 12 hours of 6 fan speeds are available. Adjustable vents direct cleaned air by 30, 60, 90 degrees. You can remotely monitor and regulate your home’s air quality through a smartphone app.

OxyPure Zero’s Sleep mode turns off indicator lights and keeps the fan at 21.41 dB to promote sleep.

Independent 3rd party lab certified to capture 100% of 0.1 micron smoke, dust, and pollen. CARB-approved and UL-tested for zero ozone emissions. NUWAVE Zero’s yearly power expenditures are less than $10.


  1. It has reusable filters.
  2. Filters last for years.
  3. It turns off indicator lights so it can be used in the bedroom comfortably.
  4. Easy set up.
  5. Regulate through a smart phone
  6. works very well.
  7. Adjustable air vents
  8. good for allergies.


No con found ( at least for now)

KODAK Infinio AP550 Smart Air Purifier with Reusable Filter. Large Home Dual Fan with Industrial Quality Reusable Washable Filter. Automatic Particle Sensor, iOS and Android App to Monitor Air Quality.


This is another quality home air purifier with reusable filters. No more buying air purifier filters! The unique lifetime filter saves about $150 each year in filter changes, eliminates the inconvenience of purchasing new filters, and reduces waste and pollution from outmoded HEPA filters.

Highly automatic air quality monitoring keeps your air clean. The free app provides air quality measurements, current air quality, and remote control of Kodak Smart Home equipment.

The Kodak Infinio AP550 is FCC, CARB, certified and ozone free.

Kodak Infinio AP550 Air Purifier’s CADR is 180+ and covers 550 sq. ft. of room space.


  1. No filter to worry about
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Easy to clean
  4. It is quiet.


  1. App glitches

Airdog X3 Air purifiers for Bedroom Home, Ionic Air Purifiers with Washable Filter for Allergies Pets Kids Mold Office Dust Smoke, Quiet Air Cleaner for Bedroom.


The Airdog X3 Air purifiers use TPA technology which removes dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, smells, VOCs, and hazardous particles from the air. It removes ultrafine particles as small as 14.6 nm, whereas HEPA filters 0.3 microns. Large room Airdog air purifiers relieve allergy symptoms including sneezing and congestion.

It’s innovative TPA filter may be cleansed at any moment, eliminating poor purification and energy waste. Quick-drying for 20 minutes prevents mold. Washable Airdog filters provide fresh air and save money.

The Airdog 360° circulation fans provide a larger amount of airflow and can clean a space that is 425 square feet in size in only thirty minutes. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, and apartment. You may use it throughout the day during wildfire season since it can operate nonstop and thereby saves you more money than similar room air purifiers.

Airdog’s vertical tray design allows for unrestricted airflow, making it an excellent choice for those who value quiet and peace. The air flows quietly, so it’s hard to believe how powerful it is. Sleep mode at night and undisturbed functioning, display lights may be switched off for a wonderful night’s sleep; 6 operating modes and a child lock included. It is designed to be quiet (30dB) while operating at moderate speeds.


  1. Reusable filters so you save on filters.
  2. Very good for people with allergies
  3. It works very well.


  1. Problem with app connecting to device
  2. The air quality sensor is on the rear of the device, which prevents it from being placed flush against a wall.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room, H13 True HEPA Filter Cleaner with Washable Filter for Allergies, Mold, Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Quiet Odor Eliminators for Bedroom, Pet Hair Remover.


Levoit air purifier Vital 100 is ozone-free thereby saving you from potential UV-C radiation which causes ozone and secondary pollution.

The filters need to be changed every six to eight months, depending on how often they are used.

The Vital 100 is well suited for use in communal spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens due to the fact that it can clean an area of 300 ft2/ 28 m2 in only 18 minutes.

It’s 3 stage filtration consist of –

  1. a washable pre-filter for large particles like lint and fur,
  2. a High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter for toxic fumes and unpleasant odors, and
  3. an H13 True HEPA Filter, which captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size.

The Vital 100 is quiet, with a maximum volume of only 23 dB. When it’s time for bed, you may also turn off the screen lights.

As for being user friendly, you may set a timer for any time interval between two and eight hours. If your filter needs to be replaced, the Check Filter Indicator will let you know.

The Vital 100 can be set up close to walls or in a corner of a room thanks to its small design and upward-pointing air vents.


  1. True HEPA filtration
  2. Washable pre-filters
  3. Easy to use
  4. Very quiet on low setting
  5. Works to reduce allergens


  1. A bit noisy on high settings.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable AOC Carbon Filter Medium.


It captures dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, VOCs, and household smells. This unit is perfect for big living areas, kitchens, or bedrooms. The WINIX 5500-2 is a 3-Stage Air Cleaning System with

  1. a Washable AOCTM Carbon Filter,
  2. 99.97% True HEPA Filter, and
  3. PlasmaWave Technology.

True HEPA filters capture airborne pollutants and allergens, while carbon filters trap smoke, cooking, and other odors. PlasmaWave Technology neutralizes viruses, germs, chemical vapors, smells, and fumes. Air Quality Sensor Automatically adjusts air cleaner settings to your surroundings. It can handle 360 square feet – Suitable for bedrooms and living areas.


  1. Easy to set up and use.
  2. Quiet on a low setting.
  3. It takes little space and is easy to move around.
  4. It works very well.
  5. The price is okay.
  6. Easy to clean


  1. noisy on high setting.
  2. The LED light is too bright for bedroom use.

VEVA Air Purifier Large Room – ProHEPA 9000 Premium Air Purifiers for Home w/ H13 Washable HEPA Filter for Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander & Odor.


The Veva Pro HEPA 9000 air purifier absorbs micro-particles using HEPA technology. 3 dynamic air speeds, from extra-quiet to ultra-turbo. It covers up to 600 square feet. The filtration system is…

  1. Washable pre-filter removes hair, pet dander, and lint.
  2. The micro-particle & activated carbon filter increases the life of HEPA filters and employs innovative technology to reduce aromas from cooking, pets, smoking, and more!
  3. The H13 HEPA filter reduces pollen, mold, and dust. These filters are intended to eliminate particles as fine as 0.3 microns.

Washable pre-filter, micro-particle & activated carbon filter, and H13 premium HEPA filter. Three steps to better breathing. The filters simply slide into their slots. For easy use.


  1. Slim compact design
  2. It is quiet in operation.
  3. Good price
  4. Good washable pre-filter.


  1. Not very good air circulation especially for a 600 sq. ft.

Okaysou Smart Air Purifiers for Home Large Room, 1000 Sq. Ft. Coverage, 5-Stage Filtration System, H13 True HEPA Filter Cleaner with Washable Filter, Remove 99.97% Dust Pollen Smoke Odors Dander and VOCs.


Okaysou Smart Air Purifiers can cover a maximum area of 1,000 sq. ft. in an hour, 774 sq. ft. in 30 minutes and 387 sq. ft. in 15 minutes. Perfect for small to big areas; kids’ bedrooms, offices, basements, family rooms, and kitchens.

It comes with a powerful 5-Stage Filtration System – Combines in 1 a

  1. Washable Pre-filter,
  2. H13 True HEPA Filter,
  3. Nanois-Filter,
  4. Premium True HEPA Filter and
  5. Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter.

Captures 99.97% of air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns like dust, pollen, smoke, hair and household odors. Also safely breaks down various harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, VOCs.

It has a child Lock mode which safeguards your kids from incorrect operation; Eco mode stops functioning automatically after 30 minutes to save energy and money; Turbo mode offers the quickest purification.

Built-in smart sensor provides exact feedback in real-time, LED light easily indicates air quality and changes color from red to blue while regulating fan speed from low to high. Whisper-quiet turbine motor.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Quiet when in operation on low setting
  4. 5 years warranty
  5. Lightweight


  1. Loud on high setting.
  2. Bright status lights at night. May not be suitable for bedroom.

Purivortex Air Purifiers for Home Large Room, H13 Hepa Filter with Air Quality Monitoring and Washable Pre-filter, Efficient 99.97% Dust, Smoke, Pet Dander, Odors and Pollen, Ozone Free.


Equipped with a high-precision dust sensor, the air purifier displays air quality via four distinct colors of light and automatically adjusts wind speed to accomplish automated air purification.

It has two washable and eco-friendly pre-filters: You may remove and wash the cloth everyday. It is also easy to reinstall the cloth.

It covers 1076 sq. ft. of space in an hour, 538 ft2 in 30 minutes. Within 10 minutes, you’ll notice a change. You can use in your bedroom, office, kitchen, basement, dorm, apartment, or living room.

With a combination of Preliminary filters, HEPA filter, carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, Vortex air purifiers removes 99.97% of smells, VOCs, smoke, pollen, etc.

Other important features are, Smart Filter Reminder/Automatic startup/shutdown between 1-12 hours/Child Lock/Auto mode/Sleep mode/Timer 12H/Washable prefilters/ Large-room high-CADR air purifiers.


  1. Good auto function means very good sensors
  2. Quiet on low setting.
  3. Good price.
  4. Simple to use


  1. Loud on high setting.
  2. The lights maybe disturbing in the night.

Hejiko Air Purifiers for Home Large Room,1200 sq ft, 5 Stage Filtration System, H13 True HEPA Filter Cleaner with Washable Filter, Removes 99.97% Allergens, Dust, Pet Hair, Pollen, Smoke, Air Quality Sensor, 20dB Quiet Air Cleaner.


It comes with a built-in 5-stage filtration technology that captures 99.97% of air pollutants tiny to 0.3 microns such dust, smoke, pet dander and hair, home smells.

Hejiko air cleaners for house clean 300 sq ft in 18 minutes, 496 sq ft in 30 minutes, and 1000 sq ft in 1 hour at high speed. This H13 real HEPA filter air purifier is ideal for homes, businesses, kitchens, and apartments. CARB-approved air purifier.

Hejiko HJ-H23 is a smart odor eliminator with a built-in smoke and odor sensor. The smart air purifier can detect surrounding air quality instantaneously and adjust wind speed based on air quality.

It has a Quiet Sleep Mode, 3 Wind Speeds, and Timer. Choose sleep mode of air purifiers for bedroom at night to have a nice night’s sleep. It’s usually white noise. This large-room HEPA air purifier has 4 wind speeds (sleep mode, low, medium and high). The 1-8h Timer feature saves energy.

Hejiko air cleaners’ child lock feature is safe for homes with children and pets. The Filter replacement indicator reminds you when to replace the filter (usually every 6-8 months).


  1. Small and compact.
  2. Easy to place in any room.
  3. Works well.
  4. It is quiet.
  5. Good price


  1. Does not cover as much area as advertised.
  2. Display lights are too bright for light-sensitive sleepers.

Zen Lyfe Air Purifiers for Home Extra Large Room up to 2360 ft², Washable True HEPA Filter for Allergies and Pets Smokers Pollen Dust Mold Odors Dander, Auto Mode, 24dB.


This air purifier comes turnkey. Depending on use, change filters every 6 months.

The 4-in-1 H13 True HEPA filter system removes pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke, wildfire smoke, VOC, and smells. Reduce sneezing and other allergen-related problems. A cold catalyst filter may transform formaldehyde and benzene into harmless, odorless molecules. Pet- and allergy-friendly.

With a CADR of 390 CFM / 660 m³/h, this Zen Lyfe Air Purifiers is ideal for big living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, family spaces, playrooms, and basements. 360-degree airflow purifies 2360 ft2 / 220 m2 1x an hour, 110 ft2

If you run this huge room air purifier all night, you won’t even notice it. In sleep mode, the noise is 24dB, quieter than a library, and the lights turn out. Nightlong fresh air. Baby-friendly

In AUTO Mode, the clever air quality sensor detects air quality, regulating the speed in real-time so you can always experience fresh air.


  1. Quiet operation
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Works well
  5. Good price
  6. Lightweight


  1. Location of receiver for remote is on top. One needs to get up to operate purifier with remote.
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