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10 Best brackets for floating shelves

Some of the best brackets for floating shelves come in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes, and are used to attach shelves to surfaces such as walls and cabinets.

They’re both practical and fashionable, so they may be used in a number of places and for a variety of purposes.  Some of the considerations for selecting a very good bracket for floating shelves are;

  1. Weight of items you are likely to put on your shelf
  2. The part of the room the shelf will be
  3. Thick or thin shelf.
  4. How deep the shelf will be.
  5. The type of wall you are mounting on.
  6. Whether to use or not to use studs for mounting.

We have researched and picked the best brackets for floating shelves. Take a look at them and the reviews and decide which shelf bracket suits you.

  1. WINKER – Corner Brace 8 Pcs Shelf Bracket Heavy Duty
  2. Premium Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets
  3. MHMYDZ  – 8 Pcs 6″ Black Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket
  4. COTTONCARE – 6 Pack Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets.
  5. BATODA – 6″ Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket
  6. LEOPO 12 inch Shelf Bracket for DIY Floating Shelf
  7. Rannb Floating Shelf Brackets
  8. Sheppard Brackets – Floating Shelf Bracket
  9. Antrader Set of 4 Floating Shelf Brackets
  10. EVALD The Improved Floating Shelf Hardware

How to install standard shelves and brackets correctly.


Reviews of the 10 best brackets for floating shelves.

#1. – 8 Pcs 6″ Black Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket Blind Shelf Supports – Hidden Brackets for Floating Wood Shelves – Concealed Blind Shelf Support – Screws and Wall Plugs Included.

This best brackets for floating shelves is extremely robust. When affixed to a stud or brick wall, these floating shelves brackets can support up to 80 pounds. This is possible thanks to the use of heavy-duty steel brackets, which have welded components and excellent screws and anchors.

Though imperceptible, this material is really strong. Make it appear as if your shelves are floating in the air to give your house a stunningly futuristic feel. It will be impossible to see the Brackets because they’ll be hidden inside the shelf.

Designed to blend perfectly with your cool shelf while it’s floating. Useful in any part of the house or office. The shelf you choose should suit your kitchen’s demands, whether it’s for organization or decoration. It’s as simple as following the directions and using the drill and other do-it-yourself tools.

For dimensions, the rod measures 6 inches in length and has a diameter of 1/2 inch. 2 inch wide by 1-1/8 inch high backplate. There are 16 heavy-duty screws and drywall anchors included in our concealed shelf brackets hardware bundle.

Due to it’s design, it is simple to Install using commonly available Do-It-Yourself tools. Any room in the house may be transformed into a bookcase with a few simple shelf brackets and shelves of your favorite books.

#2. BATODA – 6″ Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket (4 pcs) – Blind Shelf Supports – Hidden Brackets for Floating Wood Shelves – Invisible Support for Any Type of Shelf – Screws and Wall Plugs Included.

This is heavy-duty floating shelf brackets! When affixed to a stud or brick wall, your shelves can support up to 75 lbs each. Thanks to your hidden floating shelf hardware, you can now hang all of your shelves without being concerned about unsightly metal accents destroying your interior design!

With these best brackets for floating shelves, you can create a magnificent optical illusion by making it appear as though your bookshelves are floating in mid-air. Your shelf will float since the brackets are hidden within the shelf.

This product is designed to be quick and easy to set up, with step-by-step instructions that anybody can understand. These floating shelf brackets come with everything you need to finish the project, including 8 attachable screws and 8 wall plugs that fit perfectly and are built to last.

For long-term usage of the floating shelf bracket, find included corrosion protection with a powder-coated finish layer to prevent rust formation.

#3. Sheppard Brackets – Floating Shelf Bracket (34 inch) – Heavy Duty – Metal Commercial Grade – Hidden Hardware for Decorative Wall Shelves.

This is one of the best brackets for floating shelves. StudLock brackets offer half-inch-wide wall mounting points and are ideal for shelving 36-48 inches wide. According to our research, space that is more than that does not qualify you as really “Mount Anywhere”. When you choose a 1/2 spacing, you’ll always have a place to attach something.

These are really heavy-duty brackets. The rods are 3/4 inch exterior diameter heavy wall round tubing with an outside diameter of 1 1/4 inches and a thickness of 3/16 inches. Each stud to which they are attached can hold up to 55 pounds. Hidden floating shelf brackets made using the original StudLock design.

Only these Heavy Duty Brackets can be adjusted from side to side and still be attached to studs thanks to their unique design. Added are mounting points to the bracket’s ends. To ensure utmost stability, your shelf may now be equipped with Sheppard Brackets that support weight in both directions.

Sheppard Brackets specializes in nothing but brackets! Their brackets are among the finest on the market. Designed to exacting standards and constructed entirely of premium materials, American-made steel from reputable sources. Clamped in a carefully machined holding fixture and professionally welded from metal that was cut out on the most exact CNC equipment.

#4. LEOPO 12 inch Shelf Bracket for DIY Floating Shelf, 1/5 inch Thick Heavy Duty Bracket, 6 Pack.

Perfectly fits the nominal 1″x 12″ and 2″x 12″ (really 11.25″) timber boards from Depot Home. They measure 11.25″ x 6″ x 1.5″. (broad is not included)

This is an outstanding product. Unlike regular painting materials, the power frosted black coating ensures its rust resistance and anti-coating off

Heavy-duty steel shelf brackets with upgraded quality screws hold up to 80 pounds, making them ideal for daily usage.

Make the most of your available floor space. Useful in any part of the house or office.

#5. EVALD The Improved Floating Shelf Hardware – Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket- 4X Floating Shelves Brackets ½ Diameter, 8X Premium Screws & 16x Anchors Hidden Shelf Brackets 6 Inch.

This is heavy duty bracket for floating shelves and one of the best – Each bracket may support up to 100 lbs! Welded using precise equipment, these brackets are constructed from solid carbon steel.

Every part included is professional quality for a perfect project in floating shelves hardware.

Ideal for free-floating brackets, live-edge shelves, and mantel brackets.

#6. Antrader Set of 4 Floating Shelf Brackets, 4-Inch(Deep) Concealed Blind Shelf Support for Raw Wood Shelves, Matte Black, Screws and Anchors Included.

Matte black powder-coated design made of Cold Rolled Steel; extensively utilized in both residential and commercial settings

The clever design gives the impression that your shelf is floating, which increases your living space’s adaptability and comfort.

Massive steel design means it won’t bend or break, and it can hold 50 pounds of weight with a shelf from 5 inches to 8 inches in height.

There are four 4-inch shelf brackets in the package, eight strong screws, and eight wall plugs.

Installing a rod is as simple as drilling a hole in the shelf and screwing it into the wall.

#7. – 6 Pack Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets 10 Inch Wall Mounted Industrial Metal Brackets for Shelves.

These are made from high grade galvanized steel square pipe, black powder coated. Each of these heavy-duty shelf brackets has a weight capacity of 70 pounds. Wall shelf brackets should be installed into wall studs directly. It is  recommend, a bracket every 16″-32″ depending on how much weight the Industrial shelf brackets will handle.

You’ll get plenty of storage capacity without sacrificing a sleek, contemporary look. Installing these concealed shelf brackets gives the appearance of free-floating shelves because they are fully hidden. Floating shelf brackets may be utilized in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workplace, and even on cat walls.

Each one is guaranteed to be perfectly straight, square, and of the highest possible quality. Due to the fact that it’s powder-coated, there’s no risk of rusting. Shelf brackets are simple to mount on the wall and don’t require any particular expertise.

#8. Corner Brace 8 Pcs Shelf Bracket Heavy Duty Black Steel L Corner Brace, Decorative Joint Angle Bracket for Shelf 5 InchX3 Inch Shelves Wall Hanging Bracket with Screws (125X75mm(5 InchX3 Inch)(8PCS)).

This is a premium steel bracket for supporting heavy weight. The L bracket shelf is composed of heavy-duty steel and can carry a combined weight of 35 pounds for a pair. For placing shelves, furniture, and wall shelves, our black L-shaped corner bracing are ideal.

There are eight black L brackets in the set, and there are 48 screws total. We also provide sets of 16pcs, 12pcs, and 4pcs.

This simple to setup. Install the screw holders after drilling a hole in the wall or board with a drill.  Tighten the bracket screw using a screwdriver. You can refer to the instruction card included in the package.

This has a wide application in the everyday life of people. They may be utilized for any shelf installation, such as for bookshelves, garden shelves or corner tables and chairs. Despite its little stature, it may have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your house or yard.

#9. Premium Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets – Quarter Inch (1/4″) Thick w/Lip – Rustic Black Iron Finish – Modern Farmhouse Industrial Open Shelving Holder Hanger + Hardware, 4-PK – Multiple Sizes (7.25″).

This heavier duty steel metal shelf brackets won’t droop or bounce because of its thicker 1/4″ (6mm) thickness. Specially designed to hold a greater load than any other bracket on the market. Per pair, the weight capability is above 250 lbs.

Rustic industrial but modern floating DIY shelf bracket set contains four brackets for your wall-mounted open shelves for the perfect amount of storage.

NOTE: This 7.25″ open shelf bracket set is designed to suit nominal size 1 inch by 8 inch and 2 inch by 8 inch dimensional lumber with an actual 7 1/4 inch (7.25″) width.

Quality hardware is supplied, such as heavy-duty screws and drywall anchors for mounting your new shelf brackets.

It comes with a 4-pack multi-purpose shelf holder. Make the most of your shelf space in a stylish way. Suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even the workplace.

#10. Rannb Floating Shelf Brackets 3 Inch Length Blind Shelf Supports – Pack of 4.

Display or store items on floating shelves for a sleek, contemporary look.

It has a Length of 3 inches/76 millimeters; Rectangle Base Size: 69mm/2.7 inches x 14.5 millimeters/0.57 inches x 4 millimeters/0.57 inches

It’s possible to use these free-standing shelf brackets in a variety of locations, such as a living room or a bedroom.

4 hidden brackets, screws, and plastic anchors are included in the package.

The Floating Shelf Bracket transforms a recycled barn beam into a floating shelf invisibly and discreetly. Increase the space’s adaptability.

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