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3 best electric fireplace logs to replace existing fireplace.

Selecting the best electric fireplace logs for your room requires that you really take into consideration three very important features that go with them. So understanding how these three things impact your choice, you can then choose wisely from the various electric fireplace logs you see anywhere, not just on the internet.

I’m going to show you the various aspects of the electric fireplace logs, which features play the greatest roles in performance and the 3 best electric fireplace logs I recommend and how to choose the best that will suit your situation.

Let’s begin by asking ourselves some questions about electric fireplace logs.

Do electric fireplace logs look real ?

The imitation flames produced by some electric fireplace logs can be very realistic so much so that you would not know the difference with a real flame if you do not do a very close observation of the units. The logs could be hand molded and painted producing a smoke effect and realistic looking pulsating glowing ember animated effect that you would hardly know it is created by LED lights in the unit. This combined with the remote controls or controls on the unit that allow you to adjust the intensity, color, glowing ember, of the flames, really gives off the ultimate realistic look compared to a real wood fireplace.

Making the electric fireplace logs look real actually depends on the technology used to create the fire effect, the ambience created when the unit is on. There is also the sound effect, like the crackling sound produced by logs of wood burning. If these effects can be created, then you have an electric fireplace logs looking very real.

Do electric fireplace logs have blower ?

The electric fireplace basically works by electricity heating a coil of wire and a blower fan blowing the resultant hot air through vents into a room. However, there are some that use infrared technology to directly heat a room instead of the blower fan.

Do electric fireplace logs give off heat ?

Electric fireplace logs do give off heat. However, some electric fireplace logs come with the controls that allow you to use flame only without heating. This means during summer when you don’t need the heat aspect of the electric fireplace logs, you can use the remote control or the controls on the unit itself to shut off the heater and enjoy the beautiful ambience produced by the realistic flame display. They only produce the flames and crackling sound for a cozy ambience in the room, like the Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log.

Also there are some that have an auto shut-off feature. This allows the unit to shut down when it has been on for a schedule amount of time whether with heater on or not.

Do electric fireplace logs make crackling sounds?

There are some electric fireplace logs, like the, Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log which produces realistic crackling sound that perfectly imitate the crackling sound coming out of a wood burning fire. It gives the correct ambience that goes with a wood fireplace.

Where should electric fireplace logs be placed?

Electric fireplace logs are usually inserted in an already built fireplace that is no more in use. The placement of an electric fireplace logs in a room should be such that it radiates it’s heat towards the middle of the room, if the vents are forward positioned. However, in this case, the unit should be out of reach of children or pets. The wall socket where it will be plugged into should be near enough to prevent stretching of the power cord or having people stepping on or over it.

How much electricity does an electric fireplace logs use?

The national average of electricity consumption of kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate of 12 cents, a 1500 watts electric fireplace logs unit will cost, when set to maximum, about 18 cents every hour it is in use. Therefore, it is less if the heat setting is low and even lower if it is used without the heater.

What is the best looking electric fireplace logs?

You will find that some electric fireplace logs actually add beauty to your room or where ever you decide to install them. It adds to your room décor and could be the center piece of attraction in your home. An example is the Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed and Logs

With all these answered questions at the back of our minds, we are going to look at the 3 best electric fireplace logs I’m recommending for you. The main difference between the three are that, one doesn’t heat but it is the best for realistic flame effect and the fireplace ambience replication you will find anywhere.

The second difference is the use of infrared quartz heating, and the third is the normal heater and a fan blower being used to heat a room.

So without any further ado, here are the three best electric fireplace logs for you.

#1. Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log.


The Pleasant Hearth electric fireplace logs is the best in this category of electric fireplace. It does not produce any heat. Just for the aesthetics and ambience. It produces realistic animation of fireplace flame on a randomly glowing ember bed. It comes with real wood American birch logs.

It gives off realistic crackling fire sound to create the right ambience of a real fireplace.


The Pleasant Hearth electric fireplace logs is manufactured by the GHP Group Inc. The company is one of the leaders in North America of the manufacturing of products like electric fireplace, potable heating products, barbecue grill products, and others. You will find them here


The size of the fireplace logs is very compact which makes it fit in most existing fireplaces. The product dimension is 10 x 20 x 10.25 inches and the weight is 7.25 pounds.


This portable electric fireplace logs come without heat. Produces just the right atmosphere to look like a real fireplace.


It fits in into any existing fireplace easily replacing existing wood grate, gas grate, burner, or log set. Put it near a 120 volt electrical outlet and just plug in to start using.


Operation of this unit is easy. No hassle what so ever. Plug it to any power socket and you are done.

Price and Reviews.


  1. Realistic fire crackling sound.
  2. Fits in most existing fireplace
  3. Not expensive
  4. Easy to install and operate


It does not heat. It’s only for the ambience and room décor.

#2. Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed and Logs.


This best electric fireplace logs can be used for heating or for ambience of the flame effect only.

It comes with a 5,200 BTU heater that can heat up to 1000 square feet of space. With a realistic and pulsating true flame imitation, set on a ember bed, flames are project to the back of an existing fireplace.

The infrared quartz heat provides heat without drying out the humidity in the air resulting in a comfortable atmosphere.

All this sit in a black finish fire grate and has a multi function remote control to control settings on the electric logs.  


This product is made by Duraflame which has been existing for about 50 years now. The company says it is America’s firelog brand leader. It produces other fire related products like fire starters and barbecue products. You can find at


The product dimensions are 20.51 x 8.66 x 12.6 inches.


This best electric fireplace logs uses infrared quartz to heat the room. The advantage this has, is that, it doesn’t dry up the humidity present in the air. So you have the natural atmosphere and ambience in your room.


This can be used with existing fireplace.


With the infrared quartz type of heating you can heat certain specific areas in your room. This is known as zone heating. So that you don’t waste or dissipate heat in unwanted areas. This can bring significant savings on electricity bills if you turn down the amount of heat when heating a small area. Operating this unit is easy with the included remote control.

At 14 pounds, this is lightweight and can be moved from one place to another.

Ease of use.

this unit is very easy to use. Just place it where you want to heat, plug it to an outlet and you are set. With the remote control, you can operate the unit from a distance.


There is minimal maintenance for this Duraflame best electric fireplace logs. Being an infrared heater there is virtually no moving parts like a fan to dissipate heat.

Price and Reviews.


  1. Easy to install and operate
  2. You can heat a small area instead of the whole room.
  3. Allows you to save on electricity bills.
  4. Easily movable from one part of the house to another.
  5. Fast heating.


Due to it’s infrared, straight line of sight heating, it cannot be used to heat a large area,

#3. Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20)


This is also one of the best electric fireplace logs. The Dimplex Revillusion 20inch electric fireplace log set comes with an innovative revillusion flame technology which produces larger and brighter flames that gives you stunning flames effects that exactly mimic real wood fires. Specially designed mirage panel are used to give this effect.

It can cover an area of 400 square feet.

The Dimplex electric fireplace logs has it’s infrared sensor in the base of the grate leg. All it’s fireplace functions are controlled using the remote.

The Dimplex Revillusion 20″ Insert has a 5118 BTU rating and 1500 Watts.

It also has a larger size, also known as the RLG 25. The dimensions are:



Width-25 5/8″.


The Dimplex brand has been at the forefront of electric fireplace products manufacturing. In fact they have a patent for the electric flame technology. The company is called Glen Dimplex of Americas. The company developed and produced the first electric fireplace with a truly realistic “wood burning” flame effect in 1995. You find them here.


The product dimensions are 19 x 23.75 x 12.5 inches and it weighs 11 pounds.


This best electric fireplace logs operates by heater not infrared. Also you can turn of the heater and use the display only.


The rear of the RLG20 is approximately 20 inches wide with the front being 23-3/4 inched wide (including the grate) . The unit depth is 12-1/2 inches.

This unit is very easy to install. It is already assembled. Only one part to fix and that is the clear panel and you are set. Just follow the simple instructions and you will not be lost.


The unit can be used with or without heat. Which makes it suitable all year round.

Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20) With the remote control, you can turn the mimicking flame on/off, adjust it for brightness and control the background light that throws light on the back of the fireplace to increase it’s realistic nature. It does not produce any crackling flame sound like you get on the Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

Price and Reviews


  1. Flame technology that produces large and brighter flames.
  2. Realistic flames
  3. Great price point
  4. Can be used with or without heat
  5. Lightweight


Plastic reflection spoils the flame effect especially in the day time.


If you decided to purchase an electric fireplace logs for your home, then one of these best electric fireplace logs would certainly do for you. If it just the beauty and aesthetics of a fireplace you like there is known as good as the Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log.

But if you want the best electric fireplace logs that you can use with both it’s flame flickering and crackling sound, turn heat On/Off, and it is infrared with zone heating, then the Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU Infrared Quartz Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed and Logs

However, if you don’t like the infrared type of electric fireplace heating then you can go for the Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20)

This will heat your room using the normal electric fireplace heating system of heat and fan that blows the heat all around the room.

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