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3 best hardwood floor protectors for furniture and scratches.

If you are looking for the best hardwood floor protectors for furniture, chair and tables to prevent scratches then there are certain considerations to bear in mind. Hardwood flooring can be costly to install, and on top of that, you may have to spend some additional bucks to keep it in top-notch condition. By attaching the best hardwood floor protectors to your furniture, you can prevent any scratches and scuffs that result from the daily wear and tear of your furniture.

The good news? The best hardwood floor protectors are highly easy to use. Just stick the protecting pads to the furniture foot with an adhesive backing, and you’re all set to have noise and scratch-free furniture for years. These pads come in various sizes and colors like beige and brown to seamlessly blend with the rest of your furniture. However, sometimes you can also expect them to be slightly oversize so you may need to cut them into the desired shape.

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Considering how all of them carry the same features, it can be hard to determine each floor protector’s effectiveness. Therefore, here I’ve thoroughly researched and collated the top 3 best hardwood floor protectors that would make this process completely effortless for you.

So let’s dive right into it!

#1. X-PROTECTOR Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads 133 Piece! Felt Pads Furniture Feet Brown 106 + Beige 27 Various Sizes – Best Wood Floor Protectors. Protect Your Hardwood & Laminate Flooring.

There is nothing worse than changing the entire flooring every five years or so only because it isn’t in the same condition as it was before. But what if I say you can actually double the longevity of your floors only by spending a few bucks on hardwood protection pads? Yes, you read that right.

 T X-protector furniture pads ensure 100% customer satisfaction with their robust pads durable enough to last you for long periods of time. These pads can be used for protecting laminate, tiled, and wooden floors. These easy-to-apply pads make it effortless to add these protectors to all of your furniture without taking much time and effort from your end.

The premium felt furniture pads come with a registered trademark to make sure you always get the robust pads that will only add to its incredible list of perks. These furniture pads are mainly for people who prefer to avail excellent hardwood floor protectors and get them to make sure they make each penny count. They do this by providing a risk-free refund policy that gives peace of mind that your flooring is in good hands.

If I get into the specifics, the heavy-duty, 8-by-6-inch rectangle X-Protection comes with robust adhesive to add extra padding aligned with various colors to match the colors of your furniture. If you happen to have dark-colored furniture, go for a brown one, and the same goes for the light-colored furniture but only in the beige color of the paddings.

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How to keep furniture from scratching hardwood floors.

Upon purchase, you can expect the pads to be slightly over sized than the rest, but it is also helpful to help you take control over these pads and adjust them according to your furniture. A few instructions are given by the manufacturer include:

  1.    Once you have removed the paper off the sticky padding, make sure you are sticking the pad to the furniture for at least 10 seconds.
  2.    Make sure to let the furniture pad stay in place for at least 24 hours without using it
  3.    Always read the insulation before starting this hardwood protection process.

The best part about these specific pads is that it doesn’t ruin your furniture nor stain the flooring even if you stick them to a valuable antique piece of furniture. Besides that, X-PROTECTOR is entirely non-toxic, making it an eco-friendly choice to have. However, bear in mind these pads aren’t suitable if you want to resist your furniture from sliding on surfaces like vinyl and must be used outdoors since you lose the pads’ quality once it gets in contact with concrete. Rubs against the concrete.

What customers say about the product.

Regardless of whatever the brand claims to be, a simple search on Amazon reviews never fails to show the actual image of the product. Therefore, I carried out rigorous research on all the review platforms to conclude that these irresistible furniture pads don’t just provide the basic benefits of having smoother flooring. Still, the customer service it provides can almost fix any issue you may have with the product.

The pads are highly durable, making people rave about how much they saved money by opting for X-PROTECTOR rather than any other brand. However, some customers recommend you change the pads every 2 months in places prone to dirt, debris, and sand to make sure you don’t run the risk of losing the adhesiveness of these protection pads.


  1.    It comes at a highly affordable price.
  2.    Ultra-large size to aid customization
  3.    Perfect for any furniture: chairs, recliners, vases, electrical along with many other items.
  4.    It can be used for hardwood and vinyl floors.
  5.    Durable


  1.    It can be dangerous for a house with toddlers since padding can be easier to glide the furniture around.
  2.    Time-consuming to cut the over sized pads to match the size of your furniture.

#2. Furniture Pads 136 Pieces Pack Self Adhesive Felt Pad Brown Felt Furniture Pads 5mm Thick Anti Scratch Floor Protectors for Chair Legs Feet with Case and 30 Rubber Bumpers for Hardwood Tile Wood Floor.

Furnimate Furniture Pads allow you to easily peel the hardwood protection pad and stick it on any furniture of your choice to make sure you have smooth and scratch and scuff-free floors. You can feel free to use it for not only hardwood but laminate or tiled floors as well.

Upon purchase, the pack comes with 136 pieces along with a storage case that allows you to store away the pads you currently aren’t using easily. With its 0.2 inches thick and extremely sticky self-adhesive backing, you can rest assured that this pad can endure heavy-duty furniture effortlessly. Its shape allows the pads to tighten the foot of any furniture, and it is soft and securely in place to avoid constant maintenance and positioning.

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However, for moving, I suggest you lift the furniture instead of gliding it to prevent the pads from falling off the furniture. Furnimate also allows you to have full control over the pads’ customization, thanks to its wide array of color options to meet the needs of your furniture and sizes that allow you to adjust its length.

The round and square-shaped pads can be stuck to chairs, tables, sofas, recliners, beds, electronics, and vases to ensure you leave no stone unturned to keep the surface free of scratches at all times. To protect your house’s value and aesthetics, the top-quality used to design these highly durable pads is meant to last for years to come.

Besides that, these hardwood floor protectors are also known to eliminate any annoying noises that you get while moving the furniture around. The manufacturers recommend you properly clean the furniture and surface from any kind} of dirt, debris, and sand to allow it to stick stronger directly onto the surface.

A common question that many people have about Furnimate Furniture Pads is whether they can stick to metal. To clarify this doubt, the manufacturers pride themselves on making these pads that can stick to any surface, even metal, which allows you to buy these protection pads with confidence.

Another thing to note, there is a misconception that adding padding on furniture can make your chairs or electronics slide easily, which is potentially harmful to the users. However, the truth is far from this. Sure, you can quickly move around your furniture with no noise whatsoever, but the furniture, especially chairs, doesn’t move unless you exert adequate force to it.

What customers say about the product.

According to a few reviews on Amazon, the hardwood protection pads are highly durable and have lasted for years. These pads never go flat and don’t need much effort to stick them underneath the furniture. In fact, some wooden legs absorb the self-adhesive pads better than the rest to help you save time in waiting for them to dry.


  1.    Offers excellent value for money
  2.    Dense since they need to endure heavy-duty furniture and appliances
  3.    Strong adhesiveness
  4.    It has been proven to eliminate scratches and scuffs.
  5.    It can be used on small and large furniture.
  6.    It comes with an advanced design.
  7.    Thick, durable brown camouflages with the rest of the dark furniture
  8.    Extra-large 136-piece pack
  9.    It can be used to protect various surfaces.
  10.    Minimize scraping noises


  1. It can be dangerous for houses with toddlers since it’s easy to glide the furniture now.
  2.    The extra-large pads aren’t convenient for some customers.
  3.    You must leave the furniture for 24 hours before using it.

#3. Scotch Felt Pads, Felt Furniture Pads for Protecting Hardwood Floors, Round, 1 in. Diameter, Beige, 32 Pads.

If you are looking for a brand with a proven record of yielding unprecedented results, Scotch Felt Pads are the right choice for you. The higher-density felt pad that is armed with industrial-strength helps prevent scratching on floors and makes sure to preserve the flooring’s aesthetics to a great extent. The heavy-duty design and the high strong adhesive pads create a soft padded shield between your furniture and hardwood to provide long-lasting stability and protection against scuffs and scratches.

Although with the Scotch pads, you can easily glide your furniture, it is not recommended since it runs the risk of shifting the pads’ original position. The pads’ shape allows you to attach the hardwood protection on sofas, beds, pots, vases, tables, and chairs to keep your wood in its original color and condition.

These pads are ideal for metal chairs since such chairs are like tuning forks that vibrate when we move them across the forks. Having a layer of these soft pads, you dampen these sounds to increase the chairs’ comfort level.

A pro tip that you can use to make sure these pads stick to their original place is to add commercial double-sided tape or instant glue to attach the felt pad to the legs of your furniture. However, bear in mind that these materials can leave a stain on your valuable furniture and are therefore recommended to be used on cheaper items.

What customers have to say about the product.

A general analysis of all the Amazon distaste that many customers prefer Scotch felt pads over any other brand since it has proven them long-lasting results over the course of years. In fact, the people who have opted for Scotch pad have been loyal to the brand since.

Apparently, the instructions mentioned on the product about cleaning the surfaces before attaching the pads have helped people. If you can’t find rubbing alcohol to wipe the surface, count on your good ol’ vodka to do the trick for you. However, although these pads are fairly easy to apply, if you frequently move your furniture, you may have to reset the pads’ positions about every two weeks or so.

Some customers recommend replacing the pads once you notice them flattening or using a hammer and chisel to get them off your furniture.


    Known as one of the most durable options available
    Recommended as the best hardwood floor protectors for chairs
    It eases the harsh noises of the furniture to a relatively great extent.
    Offers returns if you aren’t satisfied with the pads
    It works exactly how it is described.
    Easy to install


  1. Relatively expensive than most other brands out there
  2. It needs to be maintained frequently.

All in all, as we come to the end of the guide, I’m sure you are well-aware of all the best hardwood floor protectors that are out there. Now here comes the real question: which one of these is going to cut? Well, if you ask me, the X-PROTECTOR Felt Furniture pads never fail to satisfy their users with their outstanding versatility and structure that is specifically designed to protect your hardwood floorings against ugly scratches.

However, the final answer must be based on how you perceive the pads mentioned above and what you favor the most. Once you’ve recognized your needs, come back to this post and weigh all the pros and cons which will eventually lead you in the right direction. I hope this post was helpful in answering all your queries regarding hardwood floor protection.

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