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4 of the best chairs and furniture glides for hardwood floors.

The best way to avoid scratches on your hardwood surface is to acquire the best chair glides for hardwood floors. Chair glides are disk-like surface protection products attached to the base of the furniture’s leg, allowing for smooth movement (gliding) across the floors without causing scratches or unnecessary noise when the chair is being moved. However, when these glides fall out of the chair’s legs, you might damage your floor with scratches or scuffs, and you will need to replace them with the best chair glides for hardwood floors in the market.

Here are the 4 best chair glides for hardwood floors:

  1. GorillaFelt Chair Leg Floor Protectors/Felt Glides.
  2. Chair Glides X-PROTECTOR – Furniture Glides 40 pcs
  3. 1″ Nail on Furniture Sliders (24 Pack) – FURNIGEAR Heavy Duty PTFE
  4. 40pcs Furniture Glide, Screw-on Felt Pad Slider.
Best chair glides for hardwood floors

Compare the 4 best chair glides for hardwood floors. See their images, different features and checkout their prices.



Rating & Price

GorillaFelt Chair Leg Floor Protectors/Felt Glides.

  • High-quality design

  • Perfect protection for hard floors

  • Enhanced sliding action without scratches and noise

Chair Glides X-PROTECTOR – Furniture Glides 40 pcs

  • Excellent hardwood floor protection

  • High-quality material

  • Durable

  • Perfect sizes for all furniture.

1" Nail on Furniture Sliders (24 Pack) - FURNIGEAR Heavy Duty PTFE

1. Heavy-duty and quality design.

2. Works better in all wooden furniture.

3. Easy to install.

40pcs Furniture Glide, Screw-on Felt Pad Slider.

  • Strong screw connection than other installation methods.

  • Guaranteed 100% protection.

  • Thicker and denser for supporting large furniture.

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See the reviews for the best chair glides for hardwood floors.

#1. 40pcs Furniture Glide., Screw-on Felt Pad Slider Floor Protector for Wooden Chair Leg Feet of Chair Table Sofa(Φ28mm or 1.1″, Brown).

These GorillaFelt glides are relatively high-quality and the best furniture pads for hardwood floors by the Slipstick brand. They are explicitly designed to offer protection for hardwood floors against scratch from furniture, including chairs.

Best features.

The felt furniture glides comes with five prongs that can easily be tapped in to keep the pad stick firmly on the furniture’s legs. Also, the prongs are paired with tenacious self-sticking adhesive to ensure the felt glide does not come off anytime soon after installment.

GorillaFelt Chair Leg-Floor Protectors are manufactured using unique, high-quality wool for enhanced durability. The product features eight round 1-inch (diameter) with 0.25″ thickness that can installs in seconds with a simple hammer tap on.

GorillaFelt felt glides are one of the best chair glides for hardwood floors and are perfect protectors for both hardwood floors and wooden furniture legs. The wool offers the excellent softness and seamless sliding action that prevents scratches and damage on the floor and eliminates scraping noise.


Special features.

The GorillaFelt chair leg and hard surface protectors are easy and quick to install with a simple tap-on using a hammer. The durable wool used to make these glides offer a unique long-lasting solution to people with hardwood floors.


Customer reviews for one of the best chair glides for hardwood floors.

According to the reviews, most people love the way GorillaFelt glides, attaches firmly, and do not fall off easily. However, some customers had challenges sticking the felt glides firmly on their furniture legs; the pads fell off quickly. But it’s recommended to look at the size of your furniture legs before purchasing. If you get the appropriate size and attach it well, the product offers value for a long.


  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Size: 1-inch diameter
  • Thickness: 0.25.”
  • Color: brown + gray
  • Material: Durable wool + Steel prongs
  • Shape: Round sliders.


  • High-quality design
  • Perfect protection for hard floors
  • Durable wool
  • Enhanced sliding action without scratches and noise
  • An easy tap on installation


  • The glides fall off after some time
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for furniture base of less than 1 inch

#2. Chair Glides X-PROTECTOR – Furniture Glides 40 pcs – Best Nail on Furniture Sliders – Premium Chair Leg Floor Protectors φ ¾” (19mm) – Slide Effortlessly with Chairs Leg Pads That Protects Your Floor!

Does your furniture create scratches when you move them across the floor? X-protector is a leading brand in producing surface protection products, and here we present one of the best chair glides for hardwood floors that will solve all your problems. X-protector furniture glides will help you to prevent damaging your floor with scratches or scuffs and allow you to seamlessly move your furniture across the surface.

Best features.

The furniture glides are made of high-quality premium tenacious PTFE (Teflon) material. Teflon (PTFE) is strong enough and guarantees durability without wearing out and ultimate protection to all surfaces, including hardwood floors.

The product comes with a 40-piece pack of perfect size sliders of 0.75″ practical with most furniture, including plastic chairs.

These gliders also come with solid nails to help reinforce the slider in a pre-drilled hole. The nail will keep the felt pads securely attached to the furniture leg for longer than adhesive pads. You only need to use a hammer to reinforce the nail into the base of the furniture feet.


Special features.

Nail-on installation is a distinctive feature for these glides; it reinforces the furniture pads more strongly than the adherent counterparts. The extra strong Teflon (synthetic material) is another distinguishing factor because it is more durable and ensures long-lasting protection of your hardwood floors.

Customer reviews.

Based on customer reviews, undoubtedly, this product is impressive. Most people love the glides because they are a great addition to their furniture, protecting their floor. These glides work great! However, some customers reported that the glides fell off some days after installation.


  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Material: Teflon (PTFE)
  • Size: 40 pieces of 0.75” each
  • Color: Black/dark brown + gray


  • Excellent hardwood floor protection
  • High-quality material
  • Works in almost all furniture and floors
  • Durable
  • Perfect sizes for all furniture
  • Nail-on installation is simple


  • Falling off of glides reported just days after installation
  • May cause damage to carpet floors.

#3. 1″ Nail on Furniture Sliders (24 Pack) – FURNIGEAR Heavy Duty PTFE (Teflon) Chair Sliders Glides Wooden Furniture Movers Move Your Furniture Easily & Safety – Best Chair Leg Floor Protectors.

The pack is a premium design of hardwood floor protection products containing 24 sliders. They are designed using advanced technology to ensure customers get the best furniture pads for hardwood floors. These furniture sliders are designed to suit all furniture with wooden legs: chairs, couches, beds, stools, tables, and more.

Best features.

Furnigear uses Teflon solid material to make these furniture sliders durable and provide protection for an extended period. The TPFE material also ensures the glides are sturdy and capable of withstanding the weight of all furniture.

They come with nails on for installation. You just need to drill a suitable hole to ensure nails are not bending when you hammer them in. The nails offer more reinforcement than adhesive pads.

The Furnigear furniture glides are 5mm thick, giving extra strength for long-term protection and durability. After appropriate installation, you will notice the glides not only prevent scratching the floor but also significantly reduce friction, vibrations, and buffer noise.


Special features.

 A nail-on installation is vital for easy attachment and ensures the glide is tightly reinforced. The glides come in the perfect size to fit all furniture.

Customer reviews.

Many people love these sliders; they work perfectly for them, and no one is regretting investing in them. Notably, customers love the product because it’s easy to install the sliders. Although some customers found that the glides do not work with more oversized furniture, these furniture slides are excellent products to invest in.


  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Size: 1-inch (diameter), 24 pieces
  • Colour: Dark brown + gray
  • Material: PTFE
  • Thickness: 5mm


  • Heavy-duty and quality design
  • Perfect sliders for protecting floors
  • Made of durable material; long-term protection
  • Easy to install
  • Works better in all wooden furniture


  • PTFE material not environment-friendly
  • Not suitable for heavier and larger furniture.

#4. 40pcs Furniture Glide, Screw-on Felt Pad Slider Floor Protector for Wooden Leg Feet of Chair, Table, Sofa(Φ28mm or 1.1″, Brown)

The multifunctional furniture glides are one of the best chair pads for hardwood floors that come in handy for customers. This 40-piece pack will offer you important functions that could not be enjoyed with other furniture pads.

Best features.

The glides will serve you with several functions, making them perfect for your hardwood floor. They are made to prevent slipping, scuffs or dents, and scratches. At the same time, you will not hear unnecessary noise or vibration while you move furniture.

They come with screws to ensure easy and straightforward installation. The screws provide more reinforcement than both nails and adhesive pads. Therefore, the glides will not fall off anytime soon after screwing them to the furniture leg base.

A high-density felt pad, a plastic (ABS) casing, and a sturdy steel screw ensure the glide is solid and durable enough to provide protection for a long time.


A special distinctive feature.

Screw-on installation is easy and straightforward. It provides a strong connection to all other installation methods used in surface protection products.

Customer reviews.

Based on the reviews, customers like the product. The furniture glides give excellent value for the price. Many customers like how the furniture glides install easily and remain tightly held on the leg for a long time; they don’t fall off. Although some discovered the product does not last much longer than expected, the overall value is fantastic, and it’s worth considering.


  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Size: 28mm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Number of pieces: 40 glides
  • Material: Fine felt pad (high density), ABS plastic cover, steel screw.


  • High-quality design
  • Strong screw connection than other installation methods
  • Guaranteed 100% protection
  • Thicker and denser for supporting large furniture
  • Easy to use


It does not last longer than expected


Hardwood floors are expensive to install, and seeing them getting ruined by furniture scratches is discouraging. Furniture glides are helpful tools that will make your floor remain looking great for long. However, you need to acquire the best furniture pads for hardwood floors, and we have provided some of the best options available in the market. We hope you will obtain the perfect chair glides for your floor.

Furniture glides, chair glides, and your floors.

Furniture glides, chair glides, or felt glides are useful in protecting floor surfaces, including laminate or other delicate floors, from visible wear and tear resulting from furniture shifting. Another reason why furniture glides are used is for the movement of heavy furniture within the home so that the delicate flooring is not damaged by scratches.

Generally, felt gliders are used on smooth floor coverings, while non-felt gliders are generally utilized on carpets and drab surfaces.

Underneath the furniture that needs moving, the gliders are fastened. Gliders can be fastened to their bases using any of these methods:

  1. a) fastened,
  2. b) screwed,
  3. c) or nail it.

How effective are chair glides?

Normal wear and tear apply to the sliding inserts for chair glides. Inspections and maintenance are especially important when working with sensitive floors. Most of the time, no floor glide is the best option for all types of flooring. Most floor glides are effective, but some materials are only suitable for specific flooring (e.g. PTFE, felt), resulting in a compromise in their properties (e.g. low friction, low durability) or functional incompatibility (e.e. very good adhesive properties, or extremely low friction, or low adhesive resistance).

Choosing the optimum type of glide is crucial to the chair glide’s long-term durability. Factors of importance here include:

  1. The surface area on which the chair glides or slides while not in use (for example, the weight of the passenger and the weight of the chair).
  2. A correct selection of materials for the slide insert is recommended, since it is applicable to any type of flooring.

Points to bear in mind when looking for furniture glides.

Is the floor clean?

Floor care and cleaning, depending on the extent of soiling and wear and tear, are required. Dirt particles of all kinds get buried in all kinds of slide bases, regardless of how large or small they are. When the chair is moved, it scratches the floor and wears down the slide base. In steel or stainless-steel feet, this results in sharp-edged grooves, which in turn harm the floor.

What kind of flooring is present?

In order to preserve their floors from being damaged, some flooring producers apply a top layer that contains corundum on the surface. Corundum is a tough material that can wear furniture glides and slides quickly. Other factors that influence the choice of flooring include the level of abrasion and grip, as well as the amount of noise created when transferring the chair from one place to another. In deciding on the chair glide, you should consider if it’s more or less smooth and slippery, and if additional soundproofing glides are needed.

The design quality of the floor.

When placing the chair on the floor, make sure that it is smooth and devoid of lumps and dents. Chair glides can be damaged beyond repair in a short period of time by rough floor tiles with projecting edges, as well as by unexpected thresholds or doorstops. Additionally, selecting the appropriate sort of flooring can help to ensure that there is a minimal amount of noise.


We have a lot of expectations when it comes to furniture glides. In order to be effective and be an important component of the overall design of the home, furniture glides need to do the job effectively.

Furniture glides are regularly incorporated into the design of new pieces of furniture, and designers and manufacturers go through a lengthy process of research and development to create new pieces of furniture. Ready-made products are also available for use in furniture designs that already exist.

It is critical to use the correct glide when using chair glides.

How do you choose the best chair glide for your furniture?

  • Furniture glides need to be selected based on the furniture you are using.
  • The floor is in good condition.
  • The floor has no negative effect on the glide.
  • When you move the chair, it doesn’t produce much noise.
  • When someone sits down on it, the chair does not move because it is lightly built.
  • There is no resulting damage as a result of misuse of the chair.

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