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Best Bedspread for Pet Owners

Looking for the best bedspread for pet owners? You have come to the right place. Having pets in our home is a fantastic thing for many people. However, giving them the best care possible can sometimes be tasking. One way to provide great care for your pets while protecting your beddings is by getting the right bedspread.

Bedspreads for pets are unique fabricated sheet-like covers for beds or sofas, mainly to provide pets with comfort. Getting the best tear-proof comforter can provide the ultimate care for your pets while protecting the bed or sofa. How does it feel seeing pets peeing on your bed or couch? Or, are you excited when you see your dog tearing your bed cover? Of course, No! You need to look for the best bedspread to ensure pets don’t ruin your furniture covers.

best bedspread for pet owners

What fabric is best for comforters that dogs will not ruin?

When it comes to choosing a bedspread for dogs, fabric that repels dog hair and requires minimal cleaning should be at the top of the list. Microfiber is the best material that is common in making the best comforter for dog nails, and it prevents pet hairs from sticking on it. It’s tightly woven synthetic fiber, stain-resistant, and very breathable; thus, the best fabric for dog comforter. However, when you are looking for the best dog hair repelling fabric, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Quality of the fabric
  • Thread count; tightly woven fabric
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Breathability
  • Style and pattern of the fabric
  • Availability and price

Notably, roughly textured and open-weave fabrics attract a lot of dog hair. Therefore, avoid velvet, brocade, and other luxe fabrics.

fabric that repel dog hair

The 3 best bedspread for pet owners are;

  1. Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket for Furniture Bed Couch Sofa Reversible.
  2. SUNNYTEX Waterproof & Reversible Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket Sofa, Couch Cover Mattress Protector Furniture Protector for Dog, Pet, Cat.
  3. Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Furniture Protector Sofa Cover Non-Slip Washable Reusable Incontinence Bed Underpads for Pets Kids Children Dog Cat(52×82 in,Greyish Green).

This is the comparison table for the best bedspread that dogs don’t ruin.

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Here are the reviews for the three best bedspread that dogs don’t ruin.

#1. Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket for Furniture Bed Couch Sofa Reversible.

The waterproof pet bed cover tops our list of the best comforter for dog nails because it offers comfort and solid furniture protection. This luxurious bed cover will make you have an enjoyable time with your pet. It comes in 4 different sizes that will appropriately fit your furniture.


Best Features

The dog bed cover is made of high-quality material that makes it suitable to offer premium protection, preventing liquid leakage through it. Water-resistant microfiber layers on either side, a microfiber filling, and TPU coating ensure your furniture is well protected for many years.

The Ameritex dog bed cover is designed for all furniture types, especially the bed and sofa. It comes in a variety of four sizes: 52 X 82”, 68 X 82”,82 X 82”, and 102 X 82”. Therefore, you will probably find the best size for your furniture to have an amazing time with the pet.

This high-quality furniture cover comes in two colors (Grey and dark grey, beige and light grey, sand and beige, and more color options); thus, it’s reversible. You can turn it on either side to the color that matches your furniture or beddings.

Interestingly, the furniture cover is machine washable.

Special feature

The bed cover is tightly woven with synthetic microfiber making it durable and waterproof. Besides being sturdy, the Ameritex furniture cover for pets is an excellent repellant to dog hairs and easy to clean.

Customer reviews

Based on customer reviews, the dog bed cover works conveniently to prevent pets from messing up furniture. With this piece, you will forget about dog nail tear marks and bites on the sofa or bed. This product is also great for dog hair—a great piece at the right price.


Weight: 1.94 pounds

Color: Double colored (reversible) e.g., Grey + Dark grey

Size: Four sizes- 52 X 82”, 68 X 82”,82 X 82”, and 102 X 82”

Material: Microfiber


  • High-quality material
  • Waterproof cover
  • Great comforter for pets and even humans
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to clean; machine washable
  • Repels pet hairs


  • The Ameritex dog bed cover is hot at night
  • Fabric is stiff


#2. SUNNYTEX Waterproof & Reversible Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket Sofa, Couch Cover Mattress Protector Furniture Protector for Dog, Pet, Cat.

Sunnytex Dog Bed Cover is another tear-proof comforter every pet owner should put into consideration. The furniture cover or protector guarantees 100% protection for couches, beds, and sofas. With this furniture protector, your pets will not have the chance to damage your mattresses or sofas, and you will not regret your investment.


Best features

The Sunnytex dog bed cover comprises 100% high-quality polyester with an internal TPU coating that is waterproof, preventing leakages by all kinds of liquids. The high-quality polyester also makes the dog bed cover more durable and will continue protecting your furniture while giving comfort to the pets for an extended period of time.

The dog bed cover provides two colors, meaning it’s reversible, and you can turn to the side with appropriate color that’s matching your furniture. You can also choose the dog bed cover with color corresponding to that of your room as a way of providing a touch of beauty to your home.

A versatile and multi-purpose bed cover that suits all furniture types. The dog bed cover will prevent your furniture from the bite or tear marks and pets’ saliva dripping.

You can select the suitable size for your furniture from the four available dimensions: 52×82’’, 68×82’’,82×82’’, and 102×82’’. The different sizes will allow you to cover the furniture or bed completely to prevent all sorts of damage by pets.

Special feature

It’s 100% polyester, making the bedspread super water-resistant and durable for long-term usability. Therefore, once you purchase this piece, you will protect your furniture for many years before considering replacing it.

Customer reviews

The bed or furniture cover is pretty awesome. Many people love how it comes in two colors, allowing them to reverse to match the furniture. It offers solid protection to the furniture, especially bed and sofa, and easy to wash. This product provides excellent value for money all year round.


  • Weight: 1.84 pounds
  • Color: Two colors, reversible. (beige and grey)
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: Four dimensions (52×82’’, 68×82’’,82×82’’, and 102×82’’)


  • The quality polyester material is durable
  • Easy to wash or clean
  • Good cover for pet hairs
  • Soft and sturdy design
  • Waterproof cover
  • Protect bed or sofa from damage caused by a dog bite or tear
  • Great value for the price


  • Polyester is not eco-friendly


#3. Easy-Going 100% Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Furniture Protector Sofa Cover Non-Slip Washable Reusable Incontinence Bed Underpads for Pets Kids Children Dog Cat(52×82 in,Greyish Green).

The Easy-Going dog bed cover and furniture protector is another product worth considering if you have pets at home. The furniture protector will provide the best comfort for your furry friends and prevent them from damaging the mattress or sofa with bites and claw tear marks.


Best features

A high-quality fabric of 100% polyester ensures the bed cover is completely waterproof. This tear-proof comforter is designed with four protective layers filled with polyester to ensure it is sturdy, durable, and provides exceptional comfort. The high-quality fabric also ensures the dog cover is strong enough to prevent pets from damaging mattresses or sofas. The polyester fabric is perfect for repelling dog hairs.

The furniture protector comes in four different sizes in the following dimensions: 52×82”, 68×82”, 86×82”, and 96×82″. You can select the suitable size for your furniture from these options to ensure you completely protect the sofa or bed and have a great time with your pet.

Like the other covers above, the EASY-GOING Furniture Cover also comes in two colors, making it reversible for matching the room’s background or furniture. You can turn the side with your desired color in seconds, and continue enjoying your time with the pets.

Special features

This cover comes with special anti-slip layer backing to prevent the bed protector from sliding when spread on the bed. Interestingly, it’s machine washable and reusable; therefore, it is easy to use and maintain.

Customer reviews

Most people love this furniture protector since it wholly waterproof and larger size covers a queen-size bed. It’s a great piece to protect your mattress from pet fur and all sorts of damage. The greyish-green cover looks great with most furniture and adds a special touch of comfort to pets and children. With this incredible bed cover, you will forget about dog pees leaking through to the bed or sofa.  A perfect purchase!


  • Weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Color: Greyish green
  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Size: Four dimensions- 52 X 82”, 68 X 82”,86 X 82”, and 96 X 82”.


  • High-quality design
  • Durable fabric
  • Solid furniture or bed protection
  • Machine washable and easy to use
  • The perfect comforter for winter since it adds some heat


  • Waterproof decreases after washing it 2 to 3 times


Bedspreads are a great addition to the house if you have pets like dogs or cats. The bedspreads will protect your furniture from tear marks or prevent all types of liquids from infiltrating through to your comforter. However, you need to acquire the best comforter for dog nails to ensure your furniture is secured from all sorts of damage. When considering purchasing a bedspread for pets, consider looking at our list above, and we are sure you will find the perfect comforter for your furniture.

FAQS. About best bedspread for pet owners

Keep Your Comforter Safe from Pets With These Simple Tricks!

It’s a good idea to keep your bedding and clothing clean and free of pet hair, dander, and other allergens that might contaminate your bedding and clothing when you have a pet. If your comforter is stuffed with down or is large that you can only wash with a super-sized washing machine, then you need to protect it from the muddy paws of your dog or the sharp claws of your cat.

Protecting your bedding with a few easy steps will help you avoid having to keep your pets out of the bedroom.

First, let’s look at what has to be done.

Make it a point to keep your pets from attempting to take up residence on your bed at night. If you start early and don’t let your pet to sleep on the bed at all, you’ll have an easier time of it later. Invest in a pet bed so that your pet can sleep soundly at night.

The second tip.

Close the door to your bedroom to keep your pet away from the bed. If you can’t keep your dog or cat away from the bed, put it in a separate room.

The third tip.

Use a machine-washable duvet cover to protect the comforter. These coverings are the most durable since they can resist your pet’s rough treatment as well as under go several washings.

The fourth tip.

Be sure to keep the comforter covered if your pets are using the bed. If you must have your pet snuggle with you, use a washable blanket, sheet, or throw to shield it from filth and hair.

Tip number 5.

It’s best to cover the comforter with a shower curtain throughout the day if your dog or cat is going to be sleeping on it. In addition to protecting your bedspread, you may choose fabric shower curtains with a plastic backing.

The final tip.

In order to keep your mattress secure, invest in a protective bed cover. Coverings that fit tightly over the bed, comforter, and pillows are specifically made for dogs. If your pet is rough with it, these covers can take it. They’re normally made of durable cotton (and sometimes a plastic-backed fabric).

How to remove dog hair from comforter or a blanket.

You may use a lint roller to remove dog fur from your treasured duvet or blanket. In a pinch, a roller rubbed over the fur can be used to remove it off the bedding. Using a piece of packing tape wrapped around your hand with the sticky side facing out is a good alternative if you don’t own a lint roller.

The Use of Rubber Gloves.

Rubber gloves work well for removing dog hair from blankets and comforters. A rubber glove can be used to remove the fur from a fur-covered mattress. All you have to do is rub the glove all across the comforter and the fur will roll up into a ball making removal easy. You can also use a rubber squeegee or rubber pet hair removal tool.

The use of a wet sponge.

Make sure to vacuum and brush your sheets with a brush attachment to get rid of any leftover hair from the comforter. Before washing the comforter, collect any residual fur with a wet sponge. After that, all you have to do is wipe the sheet with the sponge. If your dog likes to curl up on the bed when you’re not around, make it not to lay on the comforter by teaching it to stay on a suitable blanket at the foot of your bed.

Be proactive.

A daily brushing of your dog’s coat helps to remove loose hairs from the bedding. There is less fur to clean off the sheets and comforter since there is less stray hair. Dogs may be cleaned by vacuuming if they are used to the sound of the machine and are not afraid of the machine.

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