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Best budget air purifier with washable filter.

See the 3 best budget air purifiers with washable or cleanable filters.

I have researched and brought to you the best budget air purifiers with washable or cleanable ( vacuum clean ) filters under $100. These are very few and not easy to find. Most other air purifiers of this kind are expensive for obvious reasons.

An air purifier with washable or cleanable filter saves you a lot of money in buying and replacing filters. For this kind of air purifiers, you just wash them with a little soap and water, dry thoroughly and put it back in the unit. or vacuum clean, if it is not washable, and put back in the air purifier and you can do this for years without buying replaceable filters.

Compare the 5 best budget air purifiers with washable filters.

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Reviews of 5 of the best budget air purifiers with washable filters.

Homvana Air Purifier for Bedroom, Home Office, H13 True HEPA 6-Stage Filtration Air Cleaner, with Light Adaptive Auto Mode, 22dB Sleep Mode, Washable Filter, Ozone Free, for Pet Allergies, Smoke, and Dust.


With its powerful 6-stage filtration, the Homvana True HEPA Air Purifier h201 enables quick purification 5 times per hour in rooms that are up to 215 feet 2 in size. This may be accomplished in only 24 minutes.

You will be able to take benefit of the healthy, clean air that is circulating throughout your home thanks to the design of this model that faces upward and circulates air in all directions.

We designed the thoughtful light adaptive auto mode to be as user-friendly as possible, running the most powerful fan during the day’s peak activity and switching to the quietest setting before rest.

You may set a timer to go off at 2, 4, or 8-hour intervals, whichever is most convenient for the way you have things planned out. Maintain a rigorous cleansing regimen whenever it is necessary, but save your energy for when you are sleeping or when you are in public.

Depending on how often you use the device, the Filter Reset button will remind you to replace the filter after three months to five months of use, depending on how often you use the device.

By selecting the option that provides you with three distinct light brightness levels, you are able to craft the perfect atmosphere for working, reading, watching movies, or engaging in other activities that need you to be alone.


  1. Works very well
  2. Good price
  3. 6 stages of filtration
  4. Adaptive auto mode for regulating fan speed based on surrounding brightness.
  5. Washable fabric pre-filter.
  6. Filter reset reminder  button


  1. Noisy on high mode.

Okaysou Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom, 580 Sq Ft, H13 True HEPA Filter Washable Pre-Filter, 24dB Air Cleaner Odor Eliminators Remove 99.97% Dander, Hair, Smoke, Odors, Dust, Pollen, VOCs, AirMic4S.


In 30 minutes, the AirMic4S can clean an area as small as 300 square feet, and in an hour it can clean an area as large as 580 square feet. Both small and large settings benefit greatly from its use. It’s a great option for residential and business settings such living rooms, bedrooms, dormitories, offices, and apartments.

The H13 True HEPA Filter, the High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter, and the Washable and Detachable Pre-Filter are included. The innovative 3-stage filtration system utilized by AirMic4S is capable of capturing and reducing up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. These airborne particles include dust, pollen, dander, hair, smoke, household odors, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, VOCs, and others.

The Ultra-Duo H13 Original Filter (already fitted), the Blue G-defense Filter, the Green Toxin Absorber Filter, and the Yellow Odor Remover Filter are the four interchangeable filters you may use to tailor the air purification system to your specific needs.

The SilenceBoost Technology enables the AirMic4S to purify the air in your room while you sleep at a sound level of under 24 decibels, allowing you to obtain a restful night’s sleep without being bothered. There is a low, medium, and high setting for the speed of the fan in order to accommodate the requirements of a variety of individuals and levels of air quality. A timer that may be set for either 2, 4, or 8 hours, as well as an indication for determining when the filter should be changed.

The energy consumption of the AirMic4S is reduced to just 25W. If this air cleaner is used constantly at its greatest fan speed, it is possible for it to have a monthly operating cost of less than $3. Because Okaysou does not make use of UV-C light, our air purifier does not produce any ozone and does not produce any other pollutants either.


  1. Reasonably priced.
  2. Works very well.
  3. Very quiet on low settings.
  4. Washable and Detachable Pre-Filter.
  5. Low energy consumption.
  6. Good for allergies.


  1. low air flow on low settings.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft.


The Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer comes with a permanent filter with a 99% HEPA-grade efficiency that cleans the air in your home without the need for new filters, which can be both expensive and hard to purchase and install. The high-efficiency filter can eliminate allergens and particles in the air that are as small as three microns, which results in cleaner air that is easier to breathe.

1. A filtration system that is permanent, 99% HEPA-grade, and can be cleaned by vacuuming.

2. Second, the airborne dander and particles as fine as 3 microns are sucked up by the high-performance filter.

3. The third-generation, whisper-quiet design

4. Efficient operation for rooms up to 160 square feet in size

5. Flip it horizontally or vertically for use.


  1. Good price and quality.
  2.  Three separate speed settings are extremely well positioned to accommodate a variety of requirements and conditions. Super quiet to extremely powerful.
  3. With a compact dimension that allows for easy storage virtually anywhere.
  4.  The price of the filter is quite inexpensive, and it is not difficult to obtain.
  5. When the machine is set to the silent mode, there is hardly little heat produced.


  1. Has a plastic odor.

Crane Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Germicidal UV Light, 250 Sq Feet Coverage, Timer Function, Sleep Mode, Washable Particle Filter, EE-5067.


1. Comes equipped with a pre-filter, a genuine HEPA filter, and a UV light

2. The tower model of Crane’s air purifier is effective in removing allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, and dander from the air.

3. Eliminates germs and bacteria from the environment

4. a HEPA filter that has an indication for when it needs to be replaced

5. With three different pace choices and three different timing settings, you have the ability to customize the way the performance is conducted.

6. Suited for spaces both small and medium in size

7. A real HEPA filter that is simple to replace is supplied.

8. 5-level filtration system eliminates germs, viruses, fungus, mold, dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens

9. The use of ultraviolet (UV) technology eliminates viruses and germs in the air, making it safe to breathe.

10. The built-in active carbon filter eliminates smells and impurities that are typically found in homes.

11. The photocatalyst filter, which works in concert with the internal UV light, eliminates smells and dangerous pollutants that are carried through the air.

12. A washable foam filter helps to trap bigger airborne particles, which in turn extends the lifetime of the HEPA filter.

13. a three-speed control with a low noise setting that enables continuous operation in a very quiet manner

14. safety sensor and switch for automatic shutdown in the event of an overturn

15. A real HEPA filter that is simple to replace is supplied.

16. Consumes less power than a typical in-home light bulb, consuming less than 45 watts total.


  1. Great for allergies.
  2. No assembly needed.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Washable foam filter.
  5. Works very well.
  6. Good quality for the price.


  1. Blue light could be disturbing at night.
  2. Noisy on high level setting.

STEALTH Air Purifier for Home, H13 True HEPA Filter Cleaner with Washable Filter , PM2.5 Monitor, Covers up to 323 sq.ft, Captures 99.97% of Airborne particles for Smoke, Dust, Odors, JAP230.


You can cleanse the air in a space-efficient manner because to the frame’s 360-degree design, which allows for air intake from all directions. This air purifier has a high CADR of 147CFM, and it can purify and re-oxygenate the air 5 times per hour in rooms that are as large as 323 square feet.

It comes with H13 true HEPA filter and has three filtering layers: pre-filter, true HEPA, and activated carbon to collect 99.97% of airborne particles, such as pet dander, dust, pollen, odor, etc. This significantly enhances indoor air quality.

The air purifier comes with three different colored lights that serve as indicators of the air quality; each color represents a distinct air quality. The color blue indicates excellent air quality, orange indicates poor air quality, and red indicates extremely poor air quality. You may put a few drops of essential oil inside the sponge found inside the bottom cover (which is not included). The soothing fragrance will be carried throughout the room by the air purifier’s circulation, allowing you to unwind, focus, reenergize, and sleep better.


1.        Simple and easy to use.

2.        Quiet and efficient

3.        Nice design

4.        Quality is good.

5.        can take with you anywhere you go.


1.        No con found.

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