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Quilted lap blankets

A quilted lap blanket or quilted throw blanket is a small size blanket used to cover ones legs while in a sitting position during a cold whether situation. What is the best size for a lap quilt

When purchasing a quilted throw blanket, you should have size, weight, durability and price in mind. The quilt lap throw should be light enough to keep you warm in a chilly weather but not thick to make you break out in a sweat.

You could use these quilted throw blanket to drape over your living chairs. It could even act as protection from the dog’s habit of clawing and digging while looking for comfort. These are very soft and comfortable.  You could also drape it over your chairs, which keeps the chairs from gathering dirt thereby making them to last longer.

These quilted throw lap blankets can be used during watching kids play soccer during those chilly days or equally when sitting in front of the tv. It can also be used during some cool evenings in summer in front of the fire, in thee car or even at the beach.

The quilted throw blanket is easy to wash and not affected by the constant washing when used this way.

Quilted lap blanket size

quilt sizesLap quilt sizes are different for different manufacturers. They from 36’’ x36’’ to 50’’x50’’. You can have rectangular sizes like, 36’’x48’’. These different sizes depends on what each is actually envisaged for. For example if you need it to cover a couch, I guess you will need a bigger size. However, if it is just to throw over your legs or wrapped around you on a chilly summer evening, a smaller size will feel better.

But generally a lap quilt is smaller than a throw quilt.

Size for wheelchair quilts

There is no standard size for a wheelchair quilt throw. The size to buy depends on the person using the wheelchair. The bigger the person the bigger the wheelchair quilt. So sizes from 38’’x47’’ will probably make a standard all round size. However, one should make sure that the quilt is able to go round the person tucked in and also not get caught in the wheels of the wheelchair.

Lap quilts for seniors

quilt for seniorsGetting a lap quilt for a senior could be challenging. You will want to consider buying a lap quilt with pockets. The senior will feel better having their hands in the pockets for warmth. Also he or she may want to put things that is easily accessible in the pockets, like tissues and chap sticks.

If the senior is in a wheelchair or occasionally uses one, then their safety should be of top most consideration. The lap quilt should not be too big as to get caught in the wheels of the wheelchair.

One other use these type of quilted throw blanket could be applied to, is , as a wall hanging.  It can act to muffle the sounds coming from a nearby room. However, care must be taken to choose a really beautiful and well designed one so it does not give your room a drab look. Make sure it blends with the color of your wall painting.

There is this quilted throw blanket that is very soft, easy to wash and beautiful.


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