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Shower curtain elephant tribal art desert boho chic

elephant shower curtains

Shower curtains can be really hard to purchase because the options are endless.

You’ve got waffle pattern color material and even attachment method, all to consider when purchasing a shower curtain for your property. So let’s start with the first thing that’s going to really determine what kind of shower curtain you want. Also you got designs like the elephant shower curtains.

That’s the attachment method.

There is the traditional hooked curtains.

And there is the newest technologies in shower curtains, is the, hookless.

The great thing about this hookless technology is, it is quick to change out. It’s flexible so you just pull it towards you and it comes right off the shower curtain rod.  So can you imagine how long that would have taken if it was the traditional hooks. Plent of time. Now, not only is it easy to remove, it’s easy to attach again. You take your Flex on ring and just push it onto the shower rod. This can save your housekeeping staff a ton of time.  The average time is about 8 minutes per shower curtain and when you’re trying to turn over rooms the faster you can turn over your room the better.


After you’ve determined the attachment method, you’re going to want to determine material.

You can have fabric curtains. Also the vinyl which is more like your traditional shower curtain. Vinyl comes in gauges and that determines the weight and the thickness of your curtain.

And finally one of the more environmentally friendly options is a peevish shower curtain which is more responsive than vinyl but it’s durable and waterproof. An example is the elephant shower curtain found on

Next in your shower curtain decision is the liner.

You have the traditional liners which is generally just a plastic curtain that you’d put right behind your display shower curtain.

Now, finally, one of the features and sour curtains is a translucent window . So it allows more light into the shower

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