Stock und Stein Wear Rainmaster Seal Green Dog Rain Jacket

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Stock und Stein Wear Rainmaster Seal Green Dog Rain Jacket

The Rainmaster Seals Green dog rain jacket is adapted to the silhouette of your dogs body and comfortable in motion. The ergonomic leg cut allows your dog natural freedom of movement.
In addition, the adjustable stomach pad protects the sensitive belly underside from moisture and dirt.
For more safety in the dark, reflective piping visible from afar on the Rainmaster dog coat.
The Rainmaster runs gently over the croup of the dog and falls through its special cut, even with strong movement again and again in its original seat. Thus, the loin and croup part of the dog remain maximally protected, without cooling constantly.
The tear-resistant SympaTex performance material of this dog rain jacket is additionally equipped with rip-stop technology. This is a special weaving method that uses extremely tear-resistant threads at regular, small intervals to give it extra tear resistance.
The extended and adjustable collar protects the coat from dirt, especially in long-haired dogs. In order to avoid injuries by snagging or the like, there are no loops or loops on it. The individual adjustment is made by a robust slider, which allows both sides to be adjusted with a single movement.
The Rainmaster offers two closure options: the high-performance outdoor rocker and a sturdy clip. Both variants are adjustable in scope; the clip closure offers an additional 50 percent variability and is therefore also suitable for very strong dogs.
If you guide your dog with a harness, you can separate the prepared opening under the triple fold with the STOCK + STEIN WEAR Stick logo. The overlapping fold keeps the opening protected from rain.