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Vuori sales, growth and other statistics.

Vuori is one of the fastest growing apparel companies in the united states. Though still a private company, you will see the sales and growth statistics that make this company a potential IPO brand.

Vuori is an operator of a clothing line specializing in high-end athletic wear inspired by the active lifestyle seen in coastal California. Designed with comfort and a casual look in mind, the company’s brand provides clothing built with durable performance material that can survive intense workouts and is ethically manufactured, allowing men and women to buy according to their fitness preferences.

The track record of the athletic brand Vuori is very impressive. Vuori, which has its headquarters in Encinitas, California, was established in 2015 and has been successful since 2017.

What is the current valuation of Vuori?

$4 billion . This is after SoftBank’s Second Vision Fund invested $400 million in the startup.

vuori current valuation

Everything about Vuori’s record so far has been impressive, but that’s to be expected. Profitability has been achieved by Vuori since its inception in 2017 in Encinitas. SoftBank’s second Vision Fund invested $400 million in the startup in October 2021, valuing it at $4 billion.

Its premium clothing is available on its website, as well as at most REI and Nordstrom stores.

How many people work for Vuori?

Vuori has 450 workers as of OCTOBER 2021. By 2024, CEO Kudla, anticipates the 450-worker company to employ more than 1,000 people.

number of employees at Vuori

How many stores has Vuori ?

Currently, Vuori has 14 stores in the western United States and wants to increase that number to 100 over the next five years, with 15 new locations opening in 2022, Kudla said

Vuori sales for men and women as at October 2021 are now 50/50.

While the company originally targeted men, Vuori rolled out clothing for women in 2018, and sales are as at October 2021, split 50/50.

vuori sales

In 2019, Vuori raised $45 million from Norwest Venture Partners. Sales tripled amidst the pandemic and are on track to increase 140 percent this year, said Kudla, which has helped prove that it can be profitable at scale.

Vuori’s growth.

According to CEO, Kudla, Vuori was on track to increase by 140 percent in 2021 after doubling in size in 2020.

vuori growth

Bloomberg Second Measure data shows that the firm is outperforming its peers. Although sales at Vuori and other sportswear businesses rose during the pandemic, Vuori appears to be keeping more new customers, probably because its consumers tend to be higher-income earners who are more likely to continue working mixed schedules.

Over the next five years, Kudla intends to open 100 more locations.

Within three years, Kudla anticipates the firm to more than double in size, reaching a workforce of 1,000 people.

Fastest Growing Companies in Apparel.

Top 10 Apparel companies in terms of growth

3. SKIMSUSA$399M$133.2M

Some highlights of Athleisure Market Report statistics.

Nearly 64.0% of 2019’s total sales came from the mass market sector.

In 2019, 72.3 percent of the total revenue came from the offline channel.

In 2019, 34.1 percent of all regional sales came from North America.

Most of the market players tried to stay ahead of the competition by coming up with new products and putting them on the market.

By 2027, it is expected that the size of the worldwide market for sustainable athleisure would have reached 117.4 billion USD. It is anticipated that between the years 2020 and 2027, it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

The ever-increasing demand for ethically produced sportswear and sustainable apparel that is produced via ecologically responsible processes is what is driving this industry. This demand is coming from millennials all around the world.

Vuori stock.

Profitability sets Vuori apart from many other DTC businesses, including those that have applied to go public in a hot market. Kudla, the CEO, said the firm hasn’t yet taken a decision on an IPO.

The amount of SoftBank’s investment, according to venture capitalists, made an IPO more plausible.

According to

Kudla said he was more focused on managing the company’s near-term growth.

An IPO is “definitely one path,” Kudla said. “It’d be irresponsible to not pay attention to what’s happening in the public markets today for brands that have a strong commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and that are scaling fast and are highly profitable.”

How to buy vuori stock.

Vuori currently is still a private company. The stock price for Vuori will be known as it becomes public.

For pre-IPO investment opportunities you will need to register with a Private Market Specialis and learn more about new pre-IPO investment opportunities.

Before a firm becomes public, private investors might purchase pre-IPO stock (before its IPO). Pre-IPO placement is the most common method used by corporations selling pre-IPO shares. Institutional investors like hedge funds and private equity companies, as well as a few ordinary investors, frequently purchase these shares.

Many private firms offer investors pre-IPO shares for two primary reasons.

Prior to going public, companies can raise money through pre-IPO placements. Shares in a newly listed firm are subject to a broad range of price fluctuations. Investors’ hopes for a successful IPO may be dashed. The firm may not be able to raise the money it needs if investors do not acquire shares.

Pre-IPO shares, on the other hand, are exempt from market volatility. The corporation can raise a certain quantity of money by selling huge blocks of shares at a predetermined price.

Vuori is Climate Neutral Certified.

Vuori has accounted for and offset all of its greenhouse gas emissions for the year 2021, and is working to reduce emissions in the future.

According to this press release, “ Vuori is proud to announce that they have officially been Climate Neutral Certified for three years in a row. Vuori continues to align with the growing movement of brands achieving the Climate Neutral Certified standard by measuring its 2021 greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing verified carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions next year and beyond.”

The premier consumer mark for carbon neutrality is Climate Neutral Certified. Businesses who want to be held accountable for their products’ emissions of greenhouse gases, such as those that result from manufacturing, operating, and exporting them, can use the label.

Is Vuori a luxury brand?

Vuori hovers in the luxury brand range. The quality is high, the customers are the upper class and the price point compared to other similar apparel brands in it’s category, one can only conclude the it is a luxury brand.

When it comes to pricing, Vuori hovers in the luxury price points of most activewear brands. Vuori offers it’s leggings at $80 to $90. As a result, some may find Vuori’s price tag a touch high, but the company’s products are nonetheless reasonably priced.  Also being positioned in a premium performance category, gives it that luxury brand look.

Another thing that lends Vuori to the luxury brand look is that it is durable, comfortable and performs well.


  1. Strong dedication to the cause of sustainability

2. Producing goods in an ethical manner

3. Garments designed for optimal performance

4. Cuts and fittings that are more comfortable

5. Effortless style with a touch of west coast ambiance.

6. Durability.


  1. Compared to brands of inferior quality, this one is significantly more costly.

2. Fewer options available in vivid hues for people who enjoy bright colors.

Is Vuori made in China?

As with many other sportswear businesses and garment firms, Vuori’s products are manufactured in nations with modern manufacturing capabilities like Columbia, China and others. However, the company’s brand provides clothing that is made ethically.

How long has Vuori been around?

Having launched the brand in 2015, Vuori has been around for about 7 years (2015 – 2022). The company has grown quite a bit from the initial launch and is looking set to compete favorably with the giants in the industry.

What is Vuori clothing made out of?

According to Vuori.

“We’re committed to using 80% sustainable materials by 2022. We’re halfway there-40% of our products are currently made with high quality sustainable materials: REPREVE polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, ECONYL nylon made from recycled nylon fishing nets and other nylon waste, and Certified organic cotton, grown in clean, healthy soil. We’re committed to increasing the amount of sustainable materials in our products and are working with a number of partners to certify our materials. To name a few: Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, Unifi & U Trust Recycle Verification and California’s Prop 65.”

Is Vuori ethically made?

According to Vuori,

“Vuori is committed to a safe and healthy work environment for all of our team members, whether they work within the four walls of our HQ or at the factories we choose to partner with both near and far.  We require all vendors in our supply chain to abide by our Vendor Code of Conduct, which is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards and requires compliance with all laws in each of the countries in which our factories operate and ensures programs are in place for continuous monitoring and improvement.

Vuori does not own the factories that make our garments.  As our supply chain continues to evolve with the growth of our business, Vuori will choose to partner with groups who share our commitment to protecting the earth in the choices they make and share common values in how they treat their people and operate their businesses.”


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