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Any of these 3 best bed skirts for your styled bed

If you are looking for the best bed skirts for your bed, You are at the right place. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bed space or if you’re a newbie home décor fanatic eager to transform your mattress from bland, boring and lacking in style to elegant, modern and stylish, then this is the shopping guide for you.

Do you really need a bed skirt or are bed skirts outdated ?

No matter your intentions for your new bed space, dust ruffles are a must if you’re looking for that lacking ‘umph’ in your room.

I now like to think of bed skirts as the workhouse of your base, they conceal the baseboard and box spring, prevent dust from collecting under your bed all whilst delivering a polished and flawless finish to your bed. However, for most people (including myself) dust ruffles are a turn off seeing as they are too complicated to use, have to constantly be readjusted and ironed, and often don’t look symmetrical unless you don’t sleep on your bed at all. However, that stops today.

I remember my excitement when I first moved out of my parent’s house, I daydreamed all the way to my brand-new apartment about the interior décor and more specifically, my room. A few weeks later and I had the bedroom of my dreams. However, something was lacking and I could not for the life of me put my finger on what it was. I looked through magazines and asked friends but to no avail. Until, one day when I was mindlessly browsing through the home décor section online and found out about the dust ruffle.

That was my aha moment, and before I knew it, I was comparing prices, browsing through reviews, and reading listings on bed skirts until I found (what I thought) was the best bed skirts that are of hotel quality. 2 days later and my package arrives and I was, to say the least, royally disappointed.

Do wrap around bed skirts stay in place?

The fabric would wrinkle at the touch, was so difficult to put on that I had to ask the help of a friend to get it on, and required the removal of my mattress along with my bedding to have it fully installed. Once I was done tucking it in, I thought that would be the end of it. I was wrong, it constantly looked crooked, had to be readjusted and would often have to be steamed due to it’s rinkly appearance.

It took me a while to land on one of the best bed skirts that was easy to use, didn’t break the bank and fit my bed perfectly and here I am, sharing this information with you and hoping that this shopping guide saves you an experience like mine.

How do I choose a bed skirt ?

We’ve done our research and have compiled a list of easy to use, durable and beautiful 3 best bed skirts for you to choose from that are of hotel quality bed skirts.

Below are our best picks. Explore the top 3 best bed skirts for your most stylish bedroom yet or even a gift for that special someone in your life.

#1. Biscaynebay Wrap Around Bed Skirts Elastic Dust Ruffles, Easy Fit Wrinkle and Fade Resistant Silky Luxrious Fabric Solid Color, Silver Grey for Twin and Twin XL Size Beds 18 Inches Drop.

Number one on our list is, our holy grail, the Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt. Gone are those days of having to wrestle with your mattress to get it looking half decent, or breaking your back lifting up the heavy box spring to tuck the platform in. At only 15.99$ This Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt gives you the results you’re looking for and more.

It’s durable and easy to use, just wrap it around your box spring and watch your unsightly frame, box spring or under bed storage disappear out of view.

This beautiful and elegant dust ruffle is made with care using special equipment designed to produce an even finish with no mismatching ruffles. So, if you often worry about symmetry, we’ve got you covered. It’s durable, fade and wrinkle resistant fabric saves you the hassle of having to iron or steam it all while appearing silky and flowy around your mattress. The fabric is 100% polyester which makes it more durable and less absorbent than cotton. This has the added benefit of being less prone to staining than its cotton counterparts like a luxury bed skirt actually.

I know what you’re thinking, if it’s this durable then I probably need special equipment to clean it, right? You would be wrong. The Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt is low effort and all you need for it to be looking spic and span again is your good old washer and dryer. Since it’s 100% polyester, no special care is needed and the instructions are easy enough to follow. Simply machine wash and dry on low in your tumble dryer, and voila! Your favorite dust ruffle is looking brand new again.

It comes in multiple different colors to suit your aesthetic needs. Have a pastel themed bedroom? We’ve got you covered. It comes in gold, aqua, light blue, pink, lavender, Ivory and white. Not into pastels?  We’ve got your needs covered as well! The Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt also comes in burgundy, red, black, brown, hunter green, dark grey, silver grey, sage and warm purple.

There’s a reason the Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt is first on our list. It offers the results you’re looking for and more for a fraction of the price and it looks and feels like a luxury bed skirt.

#2. MEILA Bed Skirt Three Fabric Sides Elastic Wrap Around Dust Ruffled Solid Bed Skirts Easy On/Easy Off 16 Inch Tailored Drop, White, Queen/King.

The MEILA wrap around bed skirt is second only to the Biscaynebay dust ruffle. The MEILA dust ruffle promises and delivers a beautiful velvety finish to your bed. The meticulously crafted design of this bed skirt gives it a luxurious and beautiful look and feel. It may be cost effective but it certainly isn’t cheap feeling or looking.  

At 16.99$, this beauty comes in a plethora of different shades from ivory, white, light green, light purple and turquoise for a room on the softer side, to black, grey, taupe, navy blue, brown and dark grey for our more gothic room havers out there. And if you’re feeling festive, this dust ruffle comes in an enchanting Christmas print as well. Unleash your inner Christmas fanatic with this beautiful design. Because, who says Christmas themed dust ruffles are only for the holidays?

Though these bed skirts all have different characteristics, they all share one common point and that is their easiness to use.

This dust ruffle even has the added benefit of an adjustable fourth panel sewed in made entirely out of elastic, this allows it to shrink around both queen- and king-sized beds with no problems. All while not appearing droopy or saggy around the base. All you have to do is pop that bad boy out of the packaging, wash it, steam it on the lowest setting and your product is ready to use. Stretch it, pull it over your bed and apply it near the base. In a matter of seconds your bed will be transformed, and if you’re really careful, you won’t even have to move or disturb your bedding at all.

All of the products listed in this article guarantee quality and the MEILA dust ruffle is no different. It is made entirely out of a smooth, breathable, microfiber polyester making it more durable than cotton and fade and wrinkle free. Although it is made out of 100% polyester, it isn’t see-through or made out of a thin, cheap fabric.  

Clean up is easy as well, simply wash with cold water on a gentle setting in your washing machine and avoid bleaching it to keep it durable.

The manufacturers recommend you wash and steam it before your first use to achieve the best results. This bed skirt is perfect for most types of beds and can make an excellent gift for your busy friends or family members who can’t spare that extra 15 minutes in the morning to adjust their bed skirt before leaving for work or school. It hides all of your beds imperfections, is hassle free and delivers wonderful results all while looking pretty.

No having to constantly adjust it, iron it, or steam it to keep it looking pristine and flowy. Just pop it on and forget about it until your next wash cycle. Not what you’re looking for? Then maybe the next bed ruffle is for you.

#3. PureFit Wrap Around Ruffled Bed Skirt with Adjustable Elastic Belt – 14 Inch Drop Easy to Put On, Wrinkle Free Bedskirt Dust Ruffles, Bed Frame Cover for Queen, King and C-King Size Beds, White.

With its generous 22-inch drop, this dust ruffle is fit for a king. This silky beauty comes in 12+ fade free, whimsical shades and will snap around your baseboard in seconds. And with its built-in adjustable buckle, it makes it even easier to tailor it to your needs. It’s designed to perfectly fit your queen- or king- sized bed and is long enough to cover all your dirty secrets from misshapen box springs to storage compartments under your bed.

It’s silky, satin like, microfiber fabric is pleated wonderfully for a romantic yet tailored and polished look as well as being durable, stain and dust resistant. Bid those dust bunnies goodbye. Since the bed skirt is long enough to reach the floor you won’t have to worry about your hands getting covered in dust whenever you’re fishing for something under your bed due to it’s  dust resistant nature. It saves you the hassle of having to regularly vacuum under your baseboard every few days. It’ll keep everything under your bed clean and tidy and out of view.

I’m sure you’ve caught on to our love for wrap around bed skirts. And what can we say? they’re just the best. This list has the easiest to use, most cost effective products that deliver the best results compiled for your convenience.

The taut elastic band around the perimeter of the dust ruffle allows it to fit snuggly around the bed, preventing any unwanted shifting or drooping of the bed skirt in addition to avoiding any wrinkling of the fabric. Allowing you to easily slip It around your baseboard much like a fitted bed cover. Except, you do not have to wrestle with the corners to keep them down. Once you stretch it around the baseboard and let it go, it will snuggly tighten and take the shape of your mattress without the need for pins or any other gadget.

This dust ruffle is perfect for people with physical disabilities, elderly people and people who are unfit to perform physically taxing tasks like lifting a heavy mattress since you do not need any added assistance or the need to perform any heavy lifting as opposed to a traditional bedskirt which relies on your ability to remove the mattress and adjust the platform on your baseboard.

How to maintain your best bed skirt.

Much like the rest of the items on this list, this dust ruffle is easy to remove and clean. Everyone values manageability and this dust ruffle delivers just that. Simply remove the dust ruffle, throw it in your washing machine but make sure you do it with similar colors to avoid any other fabrics bleeding into it and discoloring it. Then, simply wash on a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach to preserve the durability of the fabric. However, if you must, use non-chlorine bleach when washing to avoid damaging it. Tumble dry on low setting and iron if needed. Now, your bed skirt is as good as new.

Before you choose the right bed skirt.

To achieve the desired length and drop, take a few minutes before you order your product to measure your bed. Place your measuring tape from where you could like the elastic band to rest on your baseboard, all the way down to the floor to avoid your dust ruffle being too short or too long.

This bed skirt is an absolute god send and will save you the hassle of having to call your friends to help you put it on and off.

To conclude.

That concludes our dust ruffle product review list. We hope this product review has been successful in introducing you to the best bed skirts on the market. We wholeheartedly believe that these products will be a wonderful addition to any bedroom, whether classic or modern, every bedroom needs a dust ruffle to give it that added pazaaz, and now you know where to find yours too.

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  1. Actually thought bed skirts are outdated but with this information i will definitely try one in the guest room and see how it improves the rooms decor. Thanks

    • You should try these modern bed skirts. The old traditional bed skirts have definitely given way to the new look, modern bed skirts you see above. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow, the Meila bed skirt is a steal at that price! Our cat prefers to sleep under the bed – despite having a plushy bed just for herself – and it’s not a pretty sight, to be honest. She has her blanket and her favorite toy with her. A bed skirt will transform all of that in an instant!

  3. I use the space under our matrimonial bed to store out of season clothes so a no-skirt bed is not really a good idea. I’ve managed to sew a temporary one until I finally decide what design to go for. We have a very minimalist bedroom so a lot of ruffles are not the best look for us at this time. I was thinking something in the lines of a boxed linen bed skirt, preferably in a dusty pink shade.

  4. My mom has just finished renovating her guest bedroom in a very cozy boho chic vibe and bed skirts made all the difference, the bed area looks so comfy. I wouldn’t have thought bed skirts would make such a huge difference but they do.

  5. I have to admit I stayed away from bed skirts after getting fed up with having them while growing up. All these look modern and stylish, I have to check if I find something for my bed.

  6. We have a California King that looks so bare, can’t stand it. The problem is my husband is all against bed skirts but this is because he thinks they make the room look outdated. I have to convince him this isn’t the case!


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