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Try V shaped pillows for your sleeping problems.

V shaped pillows, also known as boomerang or tri-pillows are pillows that are created in a V shape to achieve certain objectives concerning sleeping. These include

  1. Support while sleeping, for head, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Prevents rolling around in bed.
  3. Sitting up in bed for reading, working on your laptop, watching TV, etc.
  4. Supporting your torso as a back and body rest aid.

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What are V shaped pillows used for ?

The V shaped pillows are used as a popular nursing pillow for new mothers, as well as during pregnancy. With V-shaped support pillow, you can support your belly when lying on your side to help you have a more comfortable night’s sleep while pregnant.

Also as a nursing mother it can provide support during baby breast feeding.

The V Pillow is great for breastfeeding, as it allows you to position and support your baby comfortably.

They provide great support and extra comfort especially for late-night reading or when watching TV in bed or while sitting up in bed browsing on your laptop or tablet.

It can be used by people who require extra support in bed or in a chair, such as the sick and elderly.

V shaped pillows are especially good for people who sleep on their sides which in turn prevents snoring.

For people who are restless in bed, tossing and turning while sleeping, V shaped pillows can prevent this. Once you are tucked in the V shape of the pillow, you are immediately prevented from tossing around there by making you get a good night sleep.

How to buy a good V shaped pillow.

As a critical component of your sleeping or bedding accessory, you should not overlook the importance of having the proper pillow beneath your head. This will ensure a good night’s sleep always. However, before selecting one, it is necessary to understand what you are looking for and to take into account your preferences.

In any case, before you purchase a V-shaped pillow, there are several factors to consider.

• Dimensions. Be sure the size fits the purpose. Because pillows come in a variety of sizes, you should also know the size you’re looking for to ensure you get the best fit.

• Material. Additionally, you should consider the fabric that will be used to cover your pillows. Not only will the best pillow covers extend the life of the pillow, but they will also protect it from sweat and stains. While decorative pillow fabric looks great on the bed, they must be removed prior to sleeping.

• Organic chemistry. Because some synthetic materials are created chemically, you should be aware of the chemistry involved in the construction of the spotlight v shaped pillow. When choosing the best v shaped pillow, be prepared to pay a premium for a well-made product and take into account your chemical sensitivities and personal allergies.

• Weight of the fill. Due to the fact that weight is a subjective matter, you must select one based on your objectives. If you will sometimes move your v-shaped pillow during the night, you should purchase a lighter pillow.

. A purchase that comes with a free pillow case is better. Then you will not have to go through the trouble of looking for the right size pillow case for your v shaped pillow.

• Quality of the fill. After determining the type of v shaped pillow fill you require, you must choose the highest quality to ensure that your v shaped pillow is both comfortable and long-lasting.

• Fiber material and fill type. Due to the variety of fill options available on the market, you must select one that meets your preferences and requirements.

. Read the warranty and return policies before buying.

Are V shaped pillows any good ?

Yes. Definitely, V shaped pillows are good for sleeping. If you are in these situations right now, my advice is to try out a v shaped pillow.

  1. If you snore in bed
  2. If you toss and turn while sleeping
  3. If you sleep on your side
  4. If you are pregnant
  5. If you are a nursing mother.
  6. If you read in bed
  7. If you work or use your laptop in bed
  8. If you watch tv in bed.

What materials are V shaped pillows made of?

Microfiber V shaped pillows.

With the benefits of synthetic fibers and the comfort of feather or down bedding, microfiber pillows are a great option. So microfiber is a cost-effective solution to produce luxury, squashy pillows.

These pillows give equal support and comfort to genuine down, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. Microfibre imitates the contour of the sleeper’s head and neck, and is breathable and washable.

Its sturdy stuffing makes microfiber pillows last a long time. The strong polyester strands are 100% synthetic and only slowly degrade with use. Microfibre pillows are less likely than hollow fibre pillows to clump when laundered due to the extended, ultra-thin strands. So microfiber is a great combination of luxury, durability, and hygiene.

Memory foam V shaped pillows

Memory foam is a form of polyurethane that has been treated. It’s extremely soft and bouncy, remaining in its original form throughout it’s lifetime. Flexible memory foam becomes softer and more pliable with body heat, molding to fit the contours of your head and neck, and then reverts to its original shape when it has returned to a normal temperature. This cradling action holds your spine in place and allows your neck muscles to relax, allowing you to sleep well.

Duck feather V shaped pillows.

The duck feather V pillows are made of Feathers that come from the wing and back feathers of the bird. Most duck feather filled V pillows are combined with soft down for comfort and warmth. The feathers provide the structure and solidity or the pillow while the down provides softness.

Hollow fiber V shaped pillows

Hollow fiber is a synthetic textile material composed of polyester. The structure is the most significant distinction between hollowfiber and microfiber. Microfiber’s small fibers allow for little gap between them, resulting in a densely knit fabric. Hollowfiber, on the other hand, has holes between its fibers, hence its name. So hollowfiber is much more lighter and breathable fabric. Microfiber is warmer and more suitable for use in the winter. So hollowfiber material is used in hollowfiber V pillows.

Latex V shaped pillows

A latex pillow is a pillow composed of soft, all-natural latex, which implies it is hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. The sap of the rubber tree is used to make natural latex.

There is also synthetic latex, however it is not as long-lasting as organic fiber. Synthetic latex is man-made and, in general, of inferior quality than natural latex. Cushions constructed of synthetic latex are typically less expensive than genuine latex pillows. Synthetic latex can also have an unpleasant scent. If you have a strong sense of smell, look for a pillow made of natural, organic latex that is free of odors and flame retardants.

Wool V shaped pillows.

Some of the main benefits of sleeping with a wool V shaped pillow is that

The wool is naturally antimicrobial and mildew resistant. So there’s very little risk of dust mites getting into the pillow. Wool is also a very breathable fiber so it will enable you to sleep cool.

How do you sleep on a V pillow for back pain?

Pillow cases for V shaped pillow.

Pillow cases for v shaped pillow

How to take care of your V shaped pillow.

Taking care of your v shaped pillow is like taking care of any other pillow. You have to take into consideration the material the pillow is made of and how big the pillow is. You can hand wash it or put it in a washing machine if it can fit into it.

Due to sweating, drooling, oil from the face and other dust and dirt buildup, it is advisable to wash your v shaped pillow regularly.

It is normal to wash your v shaped pillow case more often than the pillow itself because the pillow case gets direct contact with all that dirt and with time it builds up and penetrate to the v shaped pillow inside.

You may wash your v shaped pillow case twice a week while taking care of the pillow twice every three months. The more often you wash your pillow case, the less often it is necessary to wash the v shaped pillow inside.

Now the different ways to clean your v shaped pillow are, wash by hand, wash by machine and spot clean it. Each method depends on the material the pillow is made of.

V shaped pillows made of microfibers polyesters, shredded foam, down alternatives are all machine washable and dryable. Before putting it in the washing machine , remove all the pillow coverings leaving the pillow fillings, because that is where all the sweat and oils must have settled. Then put it in the machine making sure it rotates proportionally, in a gentle cycle, with a gentle detergent, to clean all sections of the pillow.

 For hand washing your v shaped pillow, just get a very gentle detergent and wash. Drying thoroughly to remove any smell.

Spot cleaning your v shaped pillow is the easiest method. Here you are only taking care of the visible stains on the pillow. Again use a gentle detergent and soft hand brush to clean the spot stains on the pillow.

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