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How to clean acrylic tubs or showers the easy way.

What is the best way to thoroughly clean my acrylic tub and shower surround? First and foremost, we must fully comprehend what all of these abrasion cleaners that we commonly employ are intended to accomplish. The bleaches and all of the other abrasive cleaners are examples of this problem.

You have to consider that if you are doing your cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, you are basically taking all of those harsh chemicals and using them within your three wet wall area and then saying that the area is clean. However, the problem with this is that when you go into your shower and turn on the water and turn on the steam, what occurs is that all of the chemicals are actually leaching into your skin.

To avoid all of that while also learning more about how to clean acrylic properly, keep in mind that because acrylic is a very smooth, non-porous material, abrasive types of material or abrasion cleaners are extremely harsh on acrylic. Abrasion cleaners are particularly harsh on acrylic because it is a very smooth, non-porous material. As a result, avoid using any form of harsh chemical for your cleaning.

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Materials needed.

i) Vinegar

ii) Dawn dish soap

iii) Spray bottle

iv) Soft cloth.

The most effective method of cleaning acrylic is to use vinegar and Dawn dish soap. If you have hard water building on the surface of any type of material, it’s the best since it does an extremely thorough job of eliminating any type of buildup. It’s also great for cleaning your shower valve.

  1. Dawn dish soap and the vinegar are combined. What you do is take a spray bottle and fill it 1/4 full with Dawn, then fill it the rest of the way with vinegar and water, shaking it all up.

2. So what you want to do now is soak the fabric with the solution. Take your spray bottle and soak all three walls, as well as any plumbing fixtures like the handle, after you have gotten it thoroughly saturated.

3. Again, because this is non-toxic, you can do this in the shower as well, so what are you waiting for? Saturate all of the walls and you’re ready to go. Remember, because this is non-porous, you won’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing it away. This is just a fantastic method for thoroughly removing the buildup of hard water and soap scum from the shower.

4. Okay, so this is pretty clean now, but if you’re dealing with something that’s really nasty and hasn’t been cleaned in a long, long time and has a lot of scale build-up and soap scum, you might want to consider heating up the same vinegar and Dawn mixture in the microwave for a few minutes to get it nice and hot.

5. Take that and apply it to the same locations as before, allowing it to soak in completely.

What’s going to happen is that the heat will penetrate the soap scum, assisting in its removal and restoring the acrylic to its original shine and cleanliness. Make sure you acquire some vinegar, some dawn dish soap and a spray bottle as well as a lovely soft cloth, and you’ll be able to get your acrylic looking sparkling clean in no time. more importantly, it is a non-toxic method.

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