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How to keep flat sheets on a bed.

This is one very easy way of how to keep flat sheets on a bed. While there are several ways to achieve the same result, this one is as simple and easy as they come.

All we need for this method is an elastic bed sheet fastener.

This is a four piece adjustable bed sheet fasteners. These things are basically a triangular shape of three pieces of elastic that come with clips. You clip them on to the corners of your bedsheets and it keeps the bedsheets from wanting to come off of your bed.

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They work on almost any size of thickness beds and all different types of sheet material .

After purchase, inside the box, are these small size strap like belts. It says that it can stretch anywhere between 3.2 inches and 10 inches. now that sounds like a lot and you would think that’s a lot of elastic in there but it’s actually the stretch of the elastic so on the tightest point it goes between 3.2 inches and 7 inches and then when you extend it out and then goes from 4.5 inches to 10 inches so there’s really only a little bit more than an inch in movement and then the rest is the elastic stretch.

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 Once you open the box you can see there are four strap like elastic belts.

 Each one of these has a little clip at the end of it..

So like I said it’s three pieces of elastic in a triangular shape. One part clamps on to the bed sheet and then another part is how you extend it between the three point two and 4.5 inches and then you have that stretch in here to get it really nice and snug on the bed sheet

 You will actually attach these on the four corners of the bedsheet which will pull them in.

 So we are going to take these straps and attach it to the three corners of the sheet and it’s going to do a nice tight hold and hold it on.

So take one of the elastic fasteners, which is triangular in shape, and clip it to the end point of one corner of the bedsheet. The other two clips go to either side of the first clip. That holds one corner of the bedsheet tight under the mattress.

Give it a little pull to make sure it holds properly.

Do exactly the same thing for the other three corners of the bedsheet under the mattress and you are all set.

 This is so simple and easy to do without even moving or raising the mattress.

So now when you pick up on the bedsheet you can see it’s not coming off. You can actually see the clip a little bit where it’s grabbed on but it’s not coming off even if you yank it up.

The elastic pulls it straight back down and holds it in place so you can imagine if you put one of these on each of the four corners of the bed this sheet is not going anywhere so this will help with kids or even adults that roll around on the bed a lot and you always end up with the sheets coming up off of the bed.

Even if you don’t have anything pressing on the mattress to hold the bedsheet in place but just a mattress sitting on a carpet it will still work.

One of the nice things about how easy this is to use is you don’t have to look at where you are putting the clips. All you have to do is make the first clip go to the very edge of the bedsheet and the other two clips goes both side of the first clip and do that for the rest of the corners of the bedsheet.

When it is time to take them off, it is equally easy to do. Just reach down under the mattress and unclip them one by one and you are done.

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